The Latest From The RSA NOC At Black Hat Asia

When sitting in the Network Operations Center (NOC) for one of the world’s largest hacker and security conferences, sometimes no news is good news.

Here in the Black Hat Asia NOC, we anticipated and prepared for the region’s hackers to come and share a wireless network. Following initial set-up, during the training days, we observed a small volume of traffic. The briefings and the business hall opened on Thursday, March 30th.

Thus far, it has been good to see secure practices with high levels of SSL and VPN traffic and only a limited amount of clear text authentication:


Image 2

The RSA Incident Response team’s Hunting Pack content is deployed to help hunt through the data over the next couple of days as we analyze the sessions and services:

Image 3

And keep watch for potential compromises:

Image 4

We’re also testing out the new RSA NetWitness® Suite version 10.6.3 to ensure it is ready for its upcoming release. Stay tuned for more news as the network gets busier over the rest of the week.