Cloud Infrastructure


  • Technology independence and the ability to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Heightened levels of control, flexibility, and management
  • Decreased TCO and increased ROI
  • Avoidance of refresh cycles associated with traditional, physical architectures

What it is

Cloud infrastructure — or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) —  is an amalgamation of the basic necessities for cloud IT. IaaS typically provides administrators access to networks, thin clients, computers on dedicated hardware, and the servers that support the infrastructure. Organizations can choose from public cloud infrastructures, hybrid cloud infrastructures, or on-premise cloud infrastructures depending on their specific requirements. Customers across all verticals (from finance, to healthcare, to public sector) are finding that there’s a unique tie between cloud models and efficiency, especially when the focus is on scalability and ease of management. Cloud computing models and cloud infrastructure provide many more benefits. Once the foundation is set for a cloud-native future, the option for growth are unlimited.

How we do it

Many organizations and agencies are adopting the cloud computing model as the new norm, but many of these organizations are unable to successfully implement a cloud-native environment. To alleviate the pain points associated with a self-architected model, JTEK’s team of skilled IT professionals work with our customers to define need, organizational goals, and strategy. By taking an inventory first, we are able to consult our customers on the most suitable model; public, hybrid, or private cloud.

From there, we put our understanding of all components of cloud infrastructure (storage, servers, networks, security, and end-user functionality) to work and architect a solution that marries traditional and proven IT with emerging technologies. By keeping innovation and cybersecurity at the forefront of our systems, we provide our customers peace of mind and greater efficiencies through the principles of simplicity and automation.

Learn how our solutions work together to maximize efficiency, simplicity, and autonomy.