RSA Archer Navigator 2.0

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Looking for more information on the RSA Archer Use Cases?  The new RSA Archer Navigator 2.0 ( can help guide you to a ton of useful information that can help organizations that are in the midst of integrating their business processes into Archer.


From the Navigator, select  “Solutions and Use Cases” from the Focus menu to discover some outstanding Use Case-focused materials that you and your team members can leverage to better understand how to get started including architectural design requirements and installation requirements.    You can also access 3-5 minute videos demonstrating various Use Cases using RSA Archer.   And, you can take advantage of the various On Demand training options that explore the RSA Archer Use Cases.    Consider taking one of the “Deep Dives” where you can see a video demonstration, a mock planning session that can provide some best practices, and access to hands-on practice with all use cases within a virtual lab environment. 


Enjoy your journey with RSA Archer Navigator 2.0.





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