• Access to technology vetted in all branches of the US Government and Fortune 500s
  • Internal and external threat detection and remediation
  • Real time reporting and monitoring to allow increased visibility

What it is

Many organizations promote cybersecurity at the forefront of their mission these days, and for good measure. As agencies and organizations grow, the possibility of a data breach becomes more imminent. Though these organizations put a priority on protecting data from unintended or unauthorized access, they often take one of two approaches: proactive or reactive.

How we do it

JTEK develops and deploys solutions that remove the need to choose one over the other. From your datacenters to your endpoints, our solutions allow for secure foundations using proven technology to minimize risk, proactive monitoring to quickly pinpoint threats, and prompt remediation to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Whether you decide to take the path of bi-modal, software-defined, or hyper-converged, JTEK provides a variety of options to fit your organization’s immediate needs and future needs, reducing overall cost of ownership as your IT environment shifts from legacy technology to cloud-native, app-based systems. A secure future is waiting; answer the call today.