About Us

Who We Are

JTEK listens to our customers and understands the obstacles they face. As a group professionals dedicated to reducing complexity and capitalizing on simplicity, we aim to remove these obstacles from your path as your organization’s IT infrastructure evolves into a more efficient and secure environment.

The world’s leading organizations trust JTEK with their critical IT assets, benefiting from end-to-end solutions architected specifically to meet your needs. We understand complex legacy systems and the need for transformation to maintain both compliance with industry mandates and a competitive edge.

By allowing the underlying principles of security, agility, and efficiency to drive the proper IT processes, we work with our clients to build solutions that answer their short-term and long-term goals. Realizing digital transformation cannot happen overnight, JTEK’s methodology incorporates different stages to:






  1. Audit existing infrastructure and resources to identify risks and inefficiencies.
  2. Implement a temporary stop-gap to mitigate further risk and minimize inefficiencies until a long-term solution is implemented.
  3. Gain an understanding of short- and long-term goals to determine which set of technologies will be most effective.
  4. Each solution we architect is purpose-built to address specific organizational needs.
  5. Integrate your tailored solution into existing infrastructure and provide you and your team the proper resources to optimize performance and achieve greatest ROI.

Mission Statement

JTEK provides world-class technology solutions that allow your organization to maximize agility, efficiency, efficacy, and scalability. By using our proven expertise in modern infrastructure and digital transformation, we are able to build a secure foundation, break down the walls between your IT departments, and posture your organization for a cloud-native future.

Company Values

Quickly realizing that our values are in lock-step with those of our clients, we were able to develop a unique model. Gone are the days of annual hardware refreshes and “rip-and-replace”. With our company values at the forefront of every mission, we’ve developed a proven methodology and track record of gaining a competitive advantage for our clients and helping them maintain that edge as they scale.

Innovate – JTEK keeps its finger on the pulse of the everchanging technology landscape in order to provide the most cutting-edge and relevant solutions. A strong relationship with a network of venture capitalists allows us to vet upcoming and emerging technologies so your organization doesn’t have to.

Enable – We architect solutions that will scale with your needs as those needs change. With a firm understanding of your needs and a bulletproof method of solving the most complex challenges, we provide you with custom-tailored technology to establish a solid and secure foundation for growth.

Educate – The JTEK team are masters in the technologies they represent. By keeping up to date with the most current training and product offerings, our team of skilled engineers provide you with all the knowledge necessary to choose the solution set and the path that’s most fitting for your organization.

Collaborate – We believe the customer comes first. By maintaining a degree of vendor-agnosticism, we are able to provide a set of technologies that you and your team will feel most confident in deploying and maintaining.

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