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Looking for information on Archer and how to get the most out of it?  The Archer Information Design and Development team (formerly known as Technical Publications) has your back.  I’m Elizabeth Wenzel, and I have the pleasure of managing a talented team of content developers that are working hard to deliver the information that you need to get the most value out of your Archer investment.


We are currently working to not only strengthen and deepen the coverage in the existing documentation but also to add additional content and manuals to help you on your business-driven security journey with RSA Archer. Of course, having a lot of material to use is both a blessing and a curse – you know that the information is ‘somewhere’ but where?  This is where the new RSA Archer Navigator 2.0 comes in.


Use the Navigator on RSA Link to filter the Archer assets by your role and expertise in using Archer, the area you are focused on (Platform, Use Cases, and so forth), and the product version. Navigator shows you the assets that meet your filter criteria, allowing you to jump right in and get the right information so you complete your task.


While all of the documentation content, other than technical content (installation, sizing, and Archer Control Panel) is included in the Archer online Documentation system built into the Archer product, we’ve anticipated that you may have the need to access that information in a printable book format (PDF) – all of the content in the online Documentation is also available within PDF guides (the same content in two formats): What’s New Guide, Platform Administrator’s Guide, User Guide, RESTful API Guide, and Use Case Guides.  Combine these with the technical documents such as Installation and Configuration Guide, and it adds up to a lot of content at your disposal! Now, I recommend you use the Navigator to hone in on just what you are looking for. If we’ve missed something, we have even provided an easy way for you to share this with us, right on the Navigator home page.


We hope you agree that the Navigator 2.0 a helpful tool; find your path to success with the RSA Archer Navigator 2.0.

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