I think that SEs are IT HEROES.

It’s not a title reserved for SEs – there are all sorts of heroes (and when I think of people that serve their society and other people, they are the ultimate heroes in my books)… But I have a special spot in my heart for Systems Engineers everywhere.

  • A great SE always is thinking about their customers first – and not what they have in the quota.
  • A great SE has a furious passion for learning – never stopping, ever.
  • A great SE dives into problems when things go bump in the night.   They know that our Customer Service and Professional Services brothers and sisters are on point, but as the trusted advisor to the customer – SEs never say “not my job”
  • A great SE has an intense desire to win – but for a reason that isn’t their comp plan, they believe they can really help the customer.
  • A great SE is always a student not only of their own technologies and solutions, but of the marketplace.
  • A great SE never goes negative, but competes furiously.

Add that up – and you end up with a job description that is heroic.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it over and over – regardless of where you work, whether it’s at Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal – or at technology partners or competitors, SEs share a bond.   Once an SE, always an SE.

A team of SE leaders here want to start something special at Dell EMC World – the Dell EMC Heroes program.


This program will help our global partner ecosystem – bringing their front-line SE heroes closer to us.

We want to share knowledge, roadmap, connective tissue across the company and our partners and much more.

They asked me (and I’m honored!) to open up, share a little about my personal journey as a career SE, now part of the senior leadership and learning hand over fist about what it means to be a general manager of a multi-billion dollar business.  

That said – I’m no hero.  You know who is?  Carey Lohrenz.   What a story – first female F-14 Tomcat pilot in the navy.   Now THAT’S a story.

Click on the below, join us.  Who is invited?  Simple – anyone who is an SE who is at Dell EMC World.


See you there!