Dell EMC World 2017here we come!

We are 6 days away from getting together at #DellEMCWorld 2017 with 12,000+ of our closest friends, customers, and partners.   I love that I can say “don’t just listen to me, here’s what attendees say” (click on the below for a LOT more)!

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So what should you expect?   Product announcements, 3 general sessions keynotes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), and more than 500 sessions.

The General Sessions (more info here) – with Michael Dell, David Goulden, Diane Byrant (Intel) and… David Blaine (!!) sharing Monday.   Jeff Clarke and Pat Gelsinger headline day 2 (Tuesday).  With Jeff, expect all sorts of awesome around IoT, and VR/AR – and as the happy owner of an Alienware Aurora R5 + Oculus + HTC Vive system which is my go-to VR system, he’s got the toys 🙂   Pat is always interesting – and the amount of stuff we’re working on together is immense.   Wednesday is the most ridiculous General Session – fun and demotime galore. 

Wednesday night is the customer appreciation event – and let’s just say that the female performer – I have no doubt she will be awesome 😉

What about details on the product announcements?   I can’t tell you – but it will be awesome.  Tune in that week via #DellEMCWorld, visiting, and I will have a blog barrage next week.

The breakout sessions are perhaps the highlight (along with the hands-on-labs) if you ask me – dive in deep.   So – what to pick?


What sessions am I super into?   The Converged Platform and Solutions is powering a ton of content.   If you’re going – and you want to know more, you can find more details for each session at the links below.  

Also, notice that there are 5 Hands-on-Labs available – where customers can play with VxRail, with XC – and with our Hybrid Cloud offers.

Beyond the Converged Platform and Solutions team – there’s a ton going on.   My Primary Storage, Server, Networking, Data Protection brothers and sisters have a ton going on.

Same goes with the DellEMC{code} team.

Click on the picture to the left for a ton of Cloud Native App and DevOps oriented sessions.

If you want a cure to “powerpointitis” (happens sometimes at conferences), and rollup your sleeves and start to play with some code, some new new toys and learn stuff, I would highly recommend

Thursday 7:00am – 1:00pm

What about the booth?   The question is what WON’T we have in the CPSD booth (#Booth872)?   You will see:


  • 1) Enterprise Hybrid Cloud powered by VMware and Dell EMC
  • 2) Developer-Ready Infrastructure in Turnkey fashion with the Native Hybrid Cloud powered by Pivotal, VMware and Dell EMC

3) Analytic Insights Module – powered by Dell EMC – reveal business insights faster with self-service analytics

4) The Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

image 5) Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (VxRail, VxRack, XC Series)

6) Converged Infrastructure (VxBlock: #1 For a Reason)

7) Blueprints – Ready Nodes, Ready Bundles, Ready Systems (HPC, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Data Analytics, Software Defined stacks)

There will be every ounce of hardware people want to touch, and every software stack people want to play with…

Our key partners (VMware, Microsoft, Cloudera, Splunk) will all have sessions in the booth, and there will be a Tech Connect area where the whole partner ecosystem will be there, sharing what we are doing together.

The best part of the booth are the customers.    They will be sharing their own journeys – and will include the Federal Government, Cianbro, College of the Ozarks and City of Virginia Beach.

There will be a bunch of fun strange experiences in the booth – including the de-rigeur conference fun of a VR experience

Related imageImage result for oculus rift with touch

You’ll be able to experience the Converged Platforms and Solutions Virtual Showcase (Kaon) with Oculus Rift which enables people to dive into the elements of our stacks.

For people who want more of a game/theatrical experience, they can play Data Center Defender on the HTC Vive.

Beyond that – we’re trying something new – “the Great Xscape!”…  This could go sideways, not because it’s bad, but because it’s a small “flow” thing where groups of people work to get themselves out of a locked room with the knowledge they have learnt at the show.


•15’ x 15’ Room

•Escape Challenge

•Groups of approximately 3-6

•10-15 minute experience

•Customer time slots for pre-registration

What about yours truly?   It’s going to a busy week!   I have a packed calendar with customers, with partners – but if you see me, please say hello!

I’m also doing a couple of specific things:

  1. Monday at 6:45pm PT at the booth – there will be an open session where you can ask me any question you want.  Stump the chump – or at least try 🙂   See you there – and you can follow, and ask your questions via Twitter using #AskChad.
  2. Tuesday at 12:00 PT – I’ll be doing a session with everything but the kitchen sink.   Murano 3203 – please come by, I’m working on the content now, and I think it will be… different 🙂
  3. Wednesday at 10am PT – I’ll be in the General Session: Episode 2: The Dark Knight Rises… and yes, Captain Canada will make an appearance (if we can get the indemnification done – and yes, I’m serious, people are worried about hurting part of the exec team 🙂

Image result for captain canada sakac