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Who’s Holding Your Data Wallet?

Would you ask a stranger to hold your wallet full of cash? Metaphorically speaking, this might be what you’re asking an emerging technology vendor or a startup in the storage space to do if you hand over your key data currency. You might be willing to take a chance on a new pizza delivery service,…

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Bringing Opportunity to OEMs

How OEMS can Unlock New Revenue Streams by Leveraging Software Design and Monetizing Customer Data Thanks to digital transformation, application workload continues to increase exponentially. As an OEM, you and your customers must be multi-cloud ready and capable of connecting as part of a system of intelligent systems. Having an architecture that can handle a…

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Baker’s Half Dozen — Episode 11

Baker’s Half Dozen With so many cooks in technology’s kitchen, it can be hard to understand what trends will fully bake and which will fall flat. Lucky for you Matt Baker whips up his point of view on 6 and a half of these tech trends every month in… Baker’s Half Dozen.   If you’ve…

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