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The Winning xOps Trifecta

Most believe DevOps is a team within an IT organization. In reality, however, it’s an operating model grounded in a culture or mindset inspired by Agile development. DevOps is defined as the marriage of development and IT operations to shorten development timelines, speed time to market, provide continuous feedback to software developers and improve quality….

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Open RAN: Bringing It All Together

This blog is co-authored by Ravi Calyanakoti, Principal Systems Architect, Dell Technologies. In our last blog, Operational Considerations for Open RAN, we looked at the operational capabilities telecommunications operators need to adopt in order to effectively deploy vRAN and Open RAN systems. But deployment, of course, is only the first part of the journey. Once…

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Federal Organizations Shift to Consumption-based IT

Architecting IT environments with simplicity, agility and control is an escalating challenge. CIOs must stay on top of the swirl of disruptions and opportunities to align IT investments with business requirements. To accomplish this within dynamic, rapidly changing business environments, 60% of global companies today are shifting to cloud-right, consumption-based IT models, according to IDC….

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AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights – Simplify Third-Party Software Risk Assessments

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights is a new capability of AWS Marketplace. It simplifies third-party software risk assessments when procuring solutions from the AWS Marketplace. It helps you to ensure that the third-party software continuously meets your industry standards by compiling security and compliance information, such as data privacy and residency, application security, and access control,…

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New – Announcing Amazon EFS Elastic Throughput

Today, we are announcing the availability of Amazon EFS Elastic Throughput, a new throughput mode for Amazon EFS that is designed to provide your applications with as much throughput as they need with pay-as-you-use pricing. This new throughput mode enables you to further simplify running workloads and applications on AWS by providing shared file storage…

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Driving our Customers’ Businesses Forward

Today we announced our Q3 results, including record third quarter ISG revenue and profitability, with record operating income of $1.8 billion. Revenue for the quarter was $27.4 billion, and we’ve grown revenue 6% year-to-date to $77 billion, as we continue to perform well by adapting, innovating and taking care of our customers and partners. Earlier…

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