Constraints on Applications

The Constraints Of Disk Technology On Application Design When magnetic drum technology was first introduced, access time to data was as fast as the compute technology of its day. The major components were magnetic heads and revolving magnetic media. Compute and persistent storage were balanced, with ten microseconds for compute and ten microseconds for access…

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Cost of Using Public Cloud

This article was written on February 2017 by Eric Slack, senior analyst, Evaluator Group, Inc. An Evaluator Group TCO Analysis Comparing AWS and VxRail For many companies the appeal of the public cloud is very real. For tech start-ups, the cloud may be their only option, since many don’t have the capital or expertise to…

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Going Vertical With ServiceNow Partners

Executive Spotlight Q&A – Daniel K Österbergh Area Vice President Channel & Alliances, EMEA, ServiceNow ServiceMatters: Welcome Daniel. Can you tell us a bit about why you are so excited to be at ServiceNow? Daniel K Österbergh: I joined ServiceNow last month after tenures at Avaya Inc. and EMC. I’ve followed ServiceNow very closely for…

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