A New IT Operating Model for Converged Infrastructure

Norman Dee
By Norman Dee

Principal Consultant, Cloud Transformation April 27, 2017

Converged infrastructure and hyper-converged infrastructure take away the complexity of IT management, enabling rapid service deployment, and empowering IT to spend more time on innovation and less time on maintenance.

How can you capitalize on simpler IT to accelerate business outcomes? By adopting a new approach to IT operations; an approach that focuses on end-to-end service delivery, and provides a compelling consumption experience for your end users.

Start with a set of service-focused IT processes that will enable you to be operational with your new infrastructure. Include processes that span the full service management lifecycle: from service strategy, to service design, to service construction and transition, to service operation.

Prepare your team for new roles, including both service management roles and roles to support your converged or hyper-converged platform.

Provide the IT services that the business needs. Make it easy for users to find, request and consume these services.

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View the infographic below to learn more about an IT operating model that will help you get the most business value from your converged infrastructure.

Most Business Value from Converged Infrastructure 03-16-17-1