Top 10 reasons to join the Dell EMC HPC/AI Community

Help shape the future of HPC and AI.

It’s an exciting time to be in Information Technology! As high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) converge and evolve to encompass more use cases across more industries, the possibilities seem nearly limitless.

Experience has shown that open collaboration is the best way to advance the state of the art quickly and fruitfully. That’s why the Dell EMC HPC/AI Community is expanding — to bring together the wide-ranging experience and know-how of technology developers, service providers and end-users in a worldwide technical forum that promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC/AI solutions.

This involved and active community has been instrumental in advancing HPC and AI to this level — and we’re excited to hear from you at SC19. Here are 10 reasons to join us:

  1. Hear what others are working on. The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community fosters discussions among experts that we hope will lead to more effective advanced computing solutions. Plus, it’s an opportunity to compare notes with your peers and bring new ideas back to your own projects.
  2. Get insights into new systems, technologies and best practices. Our members are keen to share their expertise, insights, observations, suggestions and experiences to improve current HPC/AI solutions and influence future technology.
  3. Tell Dell EMC what you want to see on the roadmap. The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community brings together customers, users, partners and engineers to share ideas about current and future Dell EMC advanced computing systems.
  4. Tell Intel®, AMD®, NVIDIA®, Mellanox® and others what you want to see on the roadmap. Dell EMC engineers are not the only experts in the community. Our world-class partners are also active participants and want to hear what you have to say.
  5. Watch a hot debate between technology makers. When great minds meet, they don’t always think alike. Whether it’s the best networking topology or the relevance of the benchmarks used to rank the TOP500® list, member viewpoints vary and discuss their positions. We believe we’re all better off for it.
  6. Be a rock star and give a presentation. If you like the spotlight, you’ve come to the right place. Dell EMC HPC/AI Community meetings give you a chance to present to others in the industry. Every meeting, we ask for volunteers who wish to present.
  7. Collaborate: discuss what’s on your mind and get insights and ideas. Dell EMC HPC/AI Community members work together to advance the industry, impact end-users and help in the design, delivery and deployment of new technologies.
  8. Meet new people. Our meetings give you the chance to mingle with your peers and take advantage of one-on-one meetings with Dell EMC executives, technical staff and others.
  9. Catch up with your friends. If your other friends get confused when you bring up embarrassingly parallel workloads and scratch their heads when you wax poetic on the nuances of artificial neural networks, join us. We understand.
  10. Have fun! See 1–9 above. We love talking about all things high performance computing, artificial intelligence and exascale, and we get excited about the possibilities. And, we’d like to meet you.

Join the dialogue and transform the future of HPC

Come see what it’s all about at SC19. We’re having a Dell EMC HPC Community meeting as part of the conference on November 18, 2019. The event will feature keynote presentations by HPC experts and a networking event to discuss best practices in the use of Dell EMC HPC/AI systems.

The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community is open to all customers and partners with a current Dell NDA. You are invited to become a member and attend these events featuring insightful keynote presentations by HPC experts, as well as valuable technical sessions and discussions.

Learn more and join us!