The Future of Direct-attached Storage is “Better Together”

Regardless of scale, IT business advantages often occur when innovative technologies can be merged or integrated together to simplify operations, enhance business agility, sharpen a competitive edge and improve overall efficiencies, including cost and time savings. These advantages can prove to be either disruptive, causing notable change in the way the business operates, or incremental, extending the technological capabilities that already exist.

At Dell Technologies, we recently announced a next generation of PowerVault storage systems. These systems directly attach to previous and new generations of PowerEdge servers that provide incremental storage capacity to meet the needs of server application data growth. The new series of PowerVault storage enclosures include the low-cost dense MD2412, the performance-optimized MD2424 and the high-density MD2460. Beyond the models themselves, we designed these systems for the future with support for emerging technologies including SAS4 24Gb and PERC, ensuring continued value into the distant future. We call this “better together.”

The new Dell PowerVault M2460 storage solution, frontal view.
The new Dell PowerVault M2460 storage solution.

Better Together

Better together for Dell means ensuring our customers get more value out of their technology investments by coupling platforms with the features, functions and services they need for success. PowerVault and PowerEdge teams did this with compelling collaboration and technology integration to simplify the challenges of server capacity expansion and deliver high-speed application access to data. The better together efforts have resulted in a joint solution that takes a step toward the future, bringing compute power and storage scalability firmly together – affordably.

The latest PowerEdge servers are easy to use and equipped to handle vast amounts of data for all kinds of outcomes. With our customers pursuing so many different strategies to accomplish more, having the PowerVault MD Series as a validated, trusted and economical storage option is imperative for high availability and server workload scalability needs.

Reach New Heights with PowerVault MD

The PowerVault MD Series, like PowerEdge servers, is fully supported by Dell Technologies and OEM-ready for companies wanting to integrate this combined solution into their product offerings.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable, dense storage solution to easily expand your PowerEdge server capacity, none are quite as accessible as the PowerVault MD Series. The MD Series offers future-ready benefits that can save you time and hassle down the road. That’s investment protection.

Visit the PowerVault and PowerEdge product sites to learn more.