Simply Better: OpenManage Enterprise Update Delivers Powerful New Features

OpenManage Enterprise v3.0 includes virtual identity management and migration, increased scalability, RESTful API support, improved reporting features and centralized management for PowerEdge servers

Last week, Dell EMC launched OpenManage Enterprise v3.0, the fully supported, one-to-many systems management console that facilitates unified management for Dell EMC PowerEdge modular infrastructure, rack and tower servers. Version 3.0 introduces new features including scalability of up to 8,000 devices, support for the new PowerEdge MX7000, and provides end-to-end infrastructure monitoring capabilities for Dell EMC storage and networking devices and third-party hardware. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and integrates with OpenManage Mobile, so users can manage and monitor their workloads from anywhere.

“With OpenManage Enterprise v3.0, we focused on end-user requests for a simple, easy to manage, unified console that delivers powerful results,” explains Abhijit Pathak, Senior Manager, Software Engineering. “All of our upgrades and features are a result of customer feedback and our desire to provide the best possible solution to meet our customers’ needs.”

Pathak continues, “As we prepared to bring v3.0 to market, we spent time considering our customers’ business objectives, top priorities, and the types of improvements we could include that would help them work more efficiently and effectively – and basically make their work easier while also attaining faster results.”

One example of user-inspired design is the completely refreshed user interface. As Matt Maze, Software Principal Engineer, explains, “We worked with many of our customers and performed a good deal of end-user testing to make sure the new design is intuitive and simple to navigate. We considered everything from the placement of the buttons to how customers scroll through options as well as their preferences in usage. The result is a modern interface that is easy to use and faster to load.”

Updated dashboard provides a simple, easy-to-understand overview

The reporting features were also enhanced so that IT pros can easily capture specific data and email it to team members or managers. Having this data readily available saves time and increases efficiency.

The OpenManage Enterprise Report Builder makes it easy and faster to both capture and share data

Another example of improvements in the user experience is the ease of performing server deployments – it has very few requisites. It’s a simple, streamlined, “one click to deploy” process. And for customers already using OpenManage Enterprise, the upgrade to v3.0 is a seamless, single-click process as well.

Pushkala Iyer, Software Senior Principal Engineer, describes the benefit of another improvement in v3.0: guided templates. These templates allow end-users to select BIOS settings optimized for the workloads and services that matter most to them. It removes the guesswork in settings by enabling end-users to select from pre-configured settings.

Example of the guided template that enables end-users to select workload-based server performance options that best fit their business needs

In addition to the improved dashboard, enhanced reporting features and guided templates, OpenManage Enterprise v3.0 includes robust API support and identity pool and identity management distribution, among the many other new features (listed below).

What’s New in OpenManage Enterprise v3.0?

  • PowerEdge MX7000 support (discovery, inventory, firmware updates, chassis templates, proxied-management, standalone / stacked chassis)
  • Simplified configuration remediation
  • Increased scalability to manage 8000 devices
  • Alert reception and processing from unknown devices
  • Guided templates
  • Integration with the OpenManage Mobile application enables remote data center monitoring and maintenance via mobile device
  • Expanded remote scripting tokens
  • In-place, single click upgrade support (from OpenManage Enterprise -Tech Release to OpenManage Enterprise v.3.0)
  • New device support for FS8600 / FD332

Anil Rao, VP, SIS Software and Firmware Engineering, summarizes OpenManage Enterprise “as an essential companion to the modern Data Center Administrator. OpenManage Enterprise is designed to scale with their kinetic infrastructure while automating deployment, monitoring, reporting and maintenance – resulting in minimized downtime and reduced TCO (total cost of ownership). OpenManage Enterprise delivers a uniform user experience by leveraging a shared core across our latest generation of systems management solutions.”

Whether you are already using OpenManage Enterprise – Tech Release, or are ready to upgrade from OpenManage Essentials, download the OpenManage Enterprise v3.0 software today or visit our OpenManage Enterprise product page for more details on simplifying the management of your Dell EMC PowerEdge server environment.