Playing to Win: Championing the ServiceNow Platform within Your Organization

You step out onto the court and take in the enormity of the empty arena. You’ve just been handed the keys to coach a winning program and you’re asking yourself big questions. Can I get the players to play well together?  How do I build a coaching staff to anticipate challenges and plan for winning the game?

Legendary college basketball champion coach John Wooden once said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” The same can be said for companies embarking on digital transformation, … No matter the size or breadth of your company or transformation project, you have to have a champion mindset from the beginning.

ServiceNow also provides a playbook for all customers, the Champion Enablement Center. The center provides comprehensive guides and templates that you can modify to make your own… because every team or season is unique. So get started and get creative!

  • Drive adoption through communication and training: Get ready for the crowds to cheer!  building their communications over one weekend using the comprehensive templates to drive excitement around their releases.
  • Establish a strategic program: Teams of all sizes have gained valuable insight on what a strategic game plan looks like and how to ensure the right players are in the right positions for success.
  • Share successful outcomes and additional value your team can bring to the enterprise: A successful team is always recruiting the “A” players. Share the success you’ve had and how you can help other departments achieve value by joining your team!

Bimila and Paola from ServiceNow discuss our Champion Enablement program

Champions also must build a strong team of coaches to execute a successful game plan. According to Bimala Tullock, Sr. Manager Champion Enablement, ”successful championship begins with building a strong alliance between executive sponsor, the platform owner, and service owners for IT or business.” Read more about these Three Pillars of Championship.

The players are on the court and it’s time for tipoff. Champions who take advantage of ServiceNow’s winning playbook and trust the coaches who have been in the big game before will drive the business outcomes that stakeholders will celebrate.

We’d love to hear from you. Watch this brief video interview with Bimala and Paola, and visit for more details.

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