Mobility Announcements at RSA Archer Summit 2018

The following is a guest blog from industry writer, David Strom. More on him below.

Today at the 15th RSA Archer Summit 2018 conference in Nashville, company executives announced a series of products and partnerships to extend their risk management platform firmly into the mobile arena. None of these are immediately available, although some will be released by November.

“We needed the ability for crisis managers to be able to kick off a communication protocol and have procedures that would help them respond during the middle of a hurricane even though the system is down,” said David Walter, a VP at RSA Archer, during his keynote at the show.  Walter told me that one of RSA Archer’s key roles is supporting key staff that need to be involved with risk management conversations. “That means we have to promote incident awareness to a broader corporate culture, and have to provide enabling technology that can help everyone engage in that conversation. It also means we have to bring our technology to the users where they can access their data. This means offering a mobile-ready solution.” They are doing this in three different and complementary directions.

The first announcement is RSA Archer Mobility, a brand new mobile product will include extensions to the RSA Archer Content API. This API was first seen in Archer v6.4 earlier this year and can be used to write JSON apps that make use of RSA Archer data and constructs. To showcase this integration during the show Archer demonstrated its software working with Slack messaging and Google Home voice commands for handling simple data queries. The mobility product will be available next year.

David Walter, VP, RSA Archer introduces RSA Archer Mobility at RSA Archer Summit 2018

The second mobility announcement was the RSA Ready partnership with Konexus, a leading provider of world-class crisis management and collaboration tools. “We found that we have a lot of mutual customers who wanted to migrate data manually between the two tools,” said Walter. Konexus will have its own mobile apps that accesses data from both RSA Archer and its own systems. The apps can access role-based views and make crisis reporting more efficient with event-based escalation paths.

They demonstrated the app in their booth at the show in Nashville.


Finally, the third announcement was integrating RSA Archer with the low-code mobile app development platform from Mendix, which has become another RSA Ready partner. I got a chance to try out the app that was built in Mendix at the show and was impressed that it was created in less than a day’s worth of coding. RSA will supply the necessary components for its Mendix integration, called widgets, to help its customers develop their own custom apps. RSA Archer v6.4 SP1 is required to support the Mendix integration and potential customers can email inquires here.  The sample app is only available until the end of August. “Not every company is going to want to develop their own mobile app from scratch but would like to have the look and feel and branding and other customizations,” said Walter.

Both the Mendix and Konexus integrations will be included the RSA Exchange release 6 available this November

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