Lost on the Road of Updates? The Navigator is Here!

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Our worlds often consist of constant change, an overload of incoming emails, and what feels like a never-ending series of meetings.  With so much information coming at us, our ability to adapt to change really relies on our ability to quickly and easily find pertinent information, right when we need it.


Updating your RSA Archer environment is one such change that you may feel you’ve seen a wealth of information on, but now that you’re getting ready to move to the next build, where-oh-where can you find that information that is now lost in the shuffle?


That’s where the RSA Archer Navigator can help. By using the Focus filter of Release Notes and Advisories, you can immediately drill down into a complete list of all such documentation that’s been made available in recent years.  Add or change the filters to reference your Role of Admin, your Expertise level, add a Media Type of Documentation, or make other changes, and your results will adjust to display the data that’s important to you. 


Some examples of documentation available include a look at the RSA Archer Release 6.2 Upgrade Process, RSA Archer 6.2 and later Release Notes, and more.


No more needing to know just the right keyword in order to find the information you need – use the Navigator filters to define general categories, and let us do the steering for you!


Watch the RSA Navigator video to maximize your Navigator experience, and if you haven’t yet taken a drive over to our Navigator page, route your path today!

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