Get the Most from Your PowerEdge Servers with Services

Change is constant. We’ve all heard this before, and as if we needed a reminder, the last several years have confirmed that statement holds very true. We’ve gone from working in offices, to working from home, to working in hybrid models that best fit our businesses and lifestyles. How did we do it? If you think about it, technology completely drives our ability to succeed in this new modern economy.

Nowadays, we view computing power much like our electricity or getting water from a faucet. It’s something you constantly need and almost always have available to you. It keeps your business running and your personal life in control. You turn it on without a second thought knowing there are professionals at work to keep it up and running.

Our expectations for our technology, especially servers, is no different. We want them running so we can access them, but we don’t want to think too much about them. We want our computing power available to us constantly. Similar to your power company, Dell Technologies Services is there for you through it all. We’ve got you covered from initial installation, to supporting and managing your servers throughout their lifecycle, to helping you properly retire and prepare for new technology.

We take the worry out of your compute power, so you can focus on your tasks and your business, knowing your servers will be constantly running at their optimal peak.

Here are five ways Dell Technologies Services backs you and maximizes the life and value of your PowerEdge servers.¹

    1. We help you take you from where you are to where you want to be with our Consulting Services, helping you plan for the right technology that enhances your business and sets you up for success.
    2. We help you implement your servers quickly and correctly the first time with factory configuration options and expert onsite deployment with the ProDeploy Suite.
    3. We provide the infrastructure support you need, ensuring predictive and proactive issue resolution in less time with the ProSupport Suite.
    4. We secure your servers with security services providing offerings to monitor for security threats and keep sensitive data completely within your control, protected and/or sanitized.
    5. We provide onsite or remote residents who function like an extension of your IT staff to help you realize the full value of your technology with Residency Services.

This is just the beginning of the plethora of options and benefits available to you. Check out the video above and access this spec sheet to gain a better idea of the range of offerings Dell Technologies Services has available to you.¹

Change may be a constant, but our expertise is unwavering. So, in a world that is constantly evolving, you can rely on us to carry you through the evolution and enhancement of your PowerEdge servers. We’re there for you from the beginning to the end, so you can focus on moving your business forward.

For additional details on services available for PowerEdge servers, contact your Dell representative and visit the Dell Technologies Services hub.

1 This is not a comprehensive range of all the services offerings available for PowerEdge. All services offerings listed in the video, spec sheet, blog and all other materials are just examples of offerings available. Contact your Dell representative to learn more about our extensive range of offerings that best fit your business needs.