Episode Ten – The Leading Edge of Rail


Discover how edge and artificial intelligence are now just as important to the railroad industry as tracks and wheels.

The advent of the railroad in North America connected towns, cities, states and the continent – delivering goods and services from sea to shining sea. However, that was over two centuries ago. Today, the 21st century rail industry is embracing new technology to enhance safety, reduce downtime and stay competitive through the use of artificial intelligence and edge technology. In this episode of Technology Powers X, we explore how;

  • The prior, manual processes for railroad operations led to inefficiencies and unnecessary downtime
  • Duos Technology is transforming the industry through leveraging artificial intelligence at the edge to inspect their railcars at full speed – resulting in a process that’s 120x faster than prior methods
  • Railroad operators are turning railcar ‘finders’ into ‘fixers’ which results in an industry that’s smarter, safer and competitive

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