Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations

The tailwinds across West Texas continue to hint at IT growth during this age of digital transformation.  Humans have developed an insatiable appetite for compute. Whether it be the latest gadget on your wrist, in your hand, in your car, at home, in the office office, or at the data center – compute is at the heart of almost everything that touches our everyday life. Compute has been the fuel of the digital revolution. But the question remains, how do we keep IT advancing?

In April 2005, Gordon Moore stated in an interview that Moore’s Law cannot be sustained indefinitely: “It can’t continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens.” Humans are a resilient species, constantly innovating, and in the case of Moore’s Law, finding ways to delay the inevitable. In the world of computer architecture and in particular Server, it is this quest to avoid the “eventual disaster” that propels us to advance technology and to observe the challenges around us so we can delay (or work around) the inevitable.

With that said, at Dell EMC in the Server and Infrastructure group, our outstanding group of senior technologists have come up with their 2020 edition of Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations Report found here (pdf):

Dell EMC’s 2020 Server Trends & Observations Report

In this report the 12 biggest trends and observations from “data is king” to “the rack’s the limit” to “money for nothing, chips for free” and more are covered in more detail than can be conveyed in a short blog post.

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Hope you enjoy this year’s edition.