AWS Online Tech Talks – July 2017

It’s unbelievable that 2017 has flown by so quickly, yet here we are already in the month of July. A little-known fact about the 7th month of the year is that its name, July, is in honor of the Roman general, Julius Cæsar. The Roman State named the month on his behalf since it the month of his birth. Prior to this designation, the month of July was called Quintilis.

I, also, thought it was interesting to learn that in the month of July, several countries celebrate their Independence Day. These countries are the United States, Bahamas, Kiribati, São Tomé, Príncipe, Liberia, Maldives, Algeria, Cape Verde, Venezuela, Burundi, Rwanda, and Somalia. Seems that the month of July was ripe for freedom and independence for all parts of the world.

Therefore, there is a lot to celebrate in the month of July and you are free to add the celebration of learning to your July festivities with AWS Online Tech Talks. This month’s sessions brings you great technical information about Serverless Compute, Security and Identity, as well as, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence running on Amazon Web Services.

July 2017 – Schedule

Below is the upcoming schedule for the live, online technical sessions scheduled for the month of July. Make sure to register ahead of time so you won’t miss out on these free talks conducted by AWS subject matter experts. All schedule times for the online tech talks are shown in the Pacific Time (PDT) time zone.

Webinars featured this month are:

Tuesday, July 11


9:00 AM – 9:40 AM: Managing WordPress on Amazon Lightsail

Big Data

10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: Building a Metadata Catalog for your Data Lakes using Amazon Elasticsearch Service


12:00 Noon – 12:40 PM: Convert and Migrate Your NoSQL Database or Data Warehouse to AWS


Wednesday, July 12


9:00 AM – 9:40 AM: Essential Capabilities of an IoT Cloud Platform


10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: Deep Dive on Amazon S3

Security & Identity

12:00 Noon –12:40 PM: Secure your Web Applications with AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Shield

Thursday, July 13

Enterprise & Hybrid

9:00 AM – 9:40 AM: Decouple and Scale Applications Using Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS


10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: Driving User Engagement with Amazon Pinpoint

Security & Identity

12:00 Noon – 12:40 PM: Integrating Security Assessments Into Your DevOps Cycle with Amazon Inspector

Tuesday, July 25

Hands On Lab

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Hands-on Lab: Windows Workload

Enterprise & Hybrid

10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: SAP Solutions on AWS for Large Enterprises and Mission Critical Applications


12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM: Security Best Practices for Serverless Applications

Wednesday, July 26

Hands On Lab

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Hands-on Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS

Artificial Intelligence

10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: Deep Learning for Data Scientists: Using Apache MXNet and R on AWS

Thursday, July 27

Big Data

9:00 AM – 9:40 AM: Embrace Streaming Analytics and Transform Your Business (AWS Webinar featuring Forrester’s Mike Gualtieri)


10:30 AM – 11:10 AM: Serverless Orchestration of AWS Step Functions

Artificial Intelligence

12:00 Noon – 12:40 PM: Exploring the Business Use Cases for Amazon Polly

The AWS Online Tech Talks series covers a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These sessions feature live demonstrations & customer examples led by AWS engineers and Solution Architects. Check out the AWS YouTube channel for more on-demand webinars on AWS technologies.