AI-Driven Patient-Centricity Takes Center Stage at HIMSS24

Are you ready to join us at HIMSS24, the can’t-miss health information and technology event of the year? From March 11 to 15, 2024, Dell Technologies Healthcare and Life Sciences team will be at this year’s event in Orlando, Florida, showcasing how Dell Technologies empowers patient-centric care with AI-driven innovation.

This year’s conference theme is “Creating Tomorrow’s Health,” which couldn’t be timelier. Dell Technologies and Intel are helping customers and partners come together to harness a new era of artificial intelligence to advance human progress.

Empowering Patient-centric Care with AI-driven Innovation

Guided by a patient-centric philosophy, our health information solutions prioritize seamless data accessibility, fostering a comprehensive understanding of individual healthcare and research journeys. This data-anywhere approach transcends physical boundaries, creating a more responsive and connected healthcare ecosystem. Dell Technologies integrated solutions leverage our multicloud strategy, providing tools to elevate patient experiences with robust AI integration. And recognizing the critical nature of healthcare data, our solutions ensure the highest security standards, safeguarding patient information.

Our AI-enabled solutions help reimagine innovation by integrating and testing cutting-edge technologies. We collaborate with our partners, empowering healthcare, and life sciences organizations to unlock insights, enhance diagnostics and optimize efficiency. In life sciences, for example, we partner with leading organizations, that use high-performance computing architectures for agile management of large volumes of genetic patient data extracting actionable insights for life-changing decisions.

Innovation on Display at HIMSS24

We’ll have a range of exciting technical demonstrations in our booth, with a strong emphasis on AI. Highlights include:

    • Transform point-of-care ultrasound with rapid training and inference. Learn how we use AI to enhance the quality and speed of ultrasound imaging, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment for patients.
    • Simplify healthcare multicloud experiences. Discover how we help you manage your multicloud environment with ease and confidence, ensuring data security, compliance and interoperability across different platforms and applications.
    • Animate virtual experiences with digital humans. See how we create realistic and interactive digital humans using AI, opening new possibilities for patient education, engagement and empathy.
    • Detect, track, and analyze PHI security in real-time. Find out how we protect your sensitive patient data from cyber threats, using AI to monitor, detect and respond to any anomalies or breaches in real-time.
    • Learn about the benefits of on-prem GenAI LLM solutions. Learn how we provide on-premises AI solutions for genomic analysis, leveraging large language models to accelerate the discovery of new insights and therapies from massive amounts of genomic data.
    • Leverage AI and analytics-ready workspaces to deliver advanced clinical and research outcomes. Discover how we empower clinicians and researchers with AI and analytics tools that enhance their productivity, collaboration and decision-making.
    • Tailor devices, apps and data to healthcare and life sciences worker personas. See how we customize our devices, apps and data to suit the specific needs and preferences of different healthcare and life sciences workers, such as nurses, doctors, researchers and administrators.
    • Experience the digital patient room 2.0. Learn how technology can transform the patient room into a smart and connected space, using AI to provide near real-time patient insight and feedback, improving outcomes and satisfaction.
    • Modernize the patient experience. Learn how we use AI to enhance the patient journey, from scheduling appointments, to accessing records, to receiving personalized care and support.
    • Deliver one-click patient status and event labeling. Find out how we use AI to automate the annotation and documentation of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, reducing errors and saving time for clinicians.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how Dell Technologies, together with Intel, can help you empower patient-centric care with AI-driven innovation. Visit us at booth #2560 at HIMSS24 and join the conversation on social media using #TransformHIT. You can also Follow us @DellTechHealth on X and Dell Technologies Healthcare – Life Sciences on LinkedIn.

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We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!