30 Years of Workforce Transformation Visualized

With all of the buzz about the digital transformation of today’s workforce, it’s easy to start to tune out. The ability to move fluidly between work and life that technology makes possible can be taken for granted.

Illustration of future workers

Research shows that 42 percent of millennial workers say they would quit a job with substandard technology, and 82 percent say workplace technology influences the job they will take.

Oh, if they only knew how far we’ve come during just my time in the workforce!

“I was actually in college in 1987 and right around that time I had my first experience with a PC,” Dell CMO Jeremy Burton said recently at Dell EMC World. “And we thought that a 10 megabit-per-second hardwire connection was just awesome!”

To help you visualize that, along with other statistics he shared, we’ve created this infographic on workforce transformation over the past 30 years.

And for more visuals, you can watch the full “Realize Workforce Transformation” general session replay on the Dell EMC World event website.

Workforce Transformation infographic by Dell