VxRail is Holding an ACE

I’m here in Las Vegas for Dell Technologies World and I think it’s an absolutely fitting location to let everyone know that VxRail is getting ready to flip over its ACE. However, unlike the mythical ace of spades, VxRail Analytical Consulting Engine, or ACE, gives you the winning hand in your VxRail environment every time. And VxRail ACE, with its cloud connectivity to the VxRail HCI System Software, is a great tie to the Dell Tech Cloud story we announced yesterday.

As IT becomes more complex, it’s time to shift the odds from the house to your favor. Dell EMC ACE actively monitors and provides management guidance for the entire hyperconverged stack. Leveraging artificial intelligence and infrastructure machine learning, VxRail ACE will drive increased operational efficiencies through automation.

As a virtual infrastructure administrator, you’re still playing your hand but you can count on VxRail ACE to be aware of the way things should be done, such as ensuring healthy capacity utilization rates and forecasting resource consumption to keep your HCI stack operating at peak performance; ready for future workloads.

Improving Your Odds

Unlike in Las Vegas, VxRail ACE gives you best practices so you always have more than luck on your side when managing your IT environment. VxRail ACE uses a data lake, with historical data of how customers are using VxRail, and machine learning to identify ways to optimize configurations and streamline infrastructure management. VxRail ACE can help you tackle day-to-day management while keeping an eye out on the horizon so you can make informed decisions – and the more hands that get played, the smarter VxRail ACE gets.

Winning at cards is all about knowing the odds. In Las Vegas, the house always has the advantage. That’s not the case with VxRail ACE in your hand. VxRail ACE can show you the odds of going over capacity. The odds of needing additional performance. The odds that upgrading VxRail to the latest version will enhance your IT environment and business and even detect anomalies in your environment and learn from them.

Doubling Down on ACE

VxRail ACE can help predict future storage capacity requirements

VxRail ACE is an extension of the VxRail HCI System Software that leverages an Adaptive Data Collector (ADC) and using Dell EMC Secure Remote Support (SRS), collects telemetry including events, alarms, utilization and more from the VxRail clusters for processing and analytics in our secure cloud-based data lake. Here our analytics compute engines analyze the data to produce valuable information that you can view for your entire VxRail estate and act on, along with an associated health score for each and every cluster and associated telemetry.

Moreover, as we move forward, we will be doubling down on the functionality delivered in ACE. Our vision for VxRail ACE is to offer action in addition to insights, as future functionality will allow it to troubleshoot issues saving IT valuable time.

And like a professional player coaching you, VxRail ACE is currently in use by Dell EMC Services to ensure system and version accuracy across the install base, including monitoring vitals such as installed OS and physical configurations to start so that you always have another set of eyes helping you play your best hand. Being able to detect anomalies and trend data to create projections reduces manual oversight while increasing service uptime.

ACE Part of a Full House of VxRail Software

VxRail ACE is a key component of VxRail HCI System Software

Since you can’t win the pot with a single card, VxRail gives you a full house with VxRail HCI System Software. Further, the Dell EMC VxRail turnkey experience offers full stack integration – control from top to bottom, of software and hardware together – for a consistent, deeply integrated VMware environment. VxRail goes even further to deliver even more highly differentiated features and benefits based on the VxRail HCI System Software, the orchestration engine for unique automation, integration, management, analytics, and extensions for VxRail environments, which is unique to VxRail and automates deployment, delivers complete lifecycle management, and facilitates key upstream and downstream integration points that create a truly better together experience with VxRail as the foundation.

Best of all, We’re Sharing our ACE with you

VxRail ACE will be available for early access at the end of May. We’re making it available to you to try out at no charge. That’s right, there’s no ante to get access to our ACE. This means there’s no additional software or hardware to install. Everything is delivered via a user-friendly, fully customized portal available through your Service 360 accounts. Why are we doing it this way? We know we have invaluable expertise in our customers. We want to collaborate with you to ensure you’re vested in the development of VxRail ACE so it gives you the value you need. We’ll be working on a continuous innovation/continuous development (CIDC) cadence so you’ll always have the latest and greatest features at your fingertips

Make sure you always have a winning hand. Learn more about VxRail, VxRail ACE and VxRail HCI System Software during Dell Technologies World at booth #235 or at www.dellemc.com/vxrail.