Unlock Real-Time, GPU-Driven Insights With Azure Stack Hub

As you may have seen, Microsoft announced the public preview of the GPU capabilities with Azure Stack Hub. What does this mean?  Well, GPU support in Azure Stack Hub unlocks a variety of new solution opportunities. For customers running training and inference workloads on Azure or looking to run applications on Azure N-Series virtual machines, this preview will bring those capabilities to Azure Stack Hub. Visualization is another targeted use case where customers are looking to leverage GPU capabilities to render large amounts of data on specific targets closer to where the data is generated.

To address these scenarios, Dell Technologies, in collaboration with Microsoft, is excited to announce upcoming enhancements to our Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub portfolio that will unlock valuable, actionable information derived from large on-premises data sets at the intelligent edge without sacrificing security using GPU-accelerated AI and ML capabilities.

Our GPU configurations are based on the Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub dense configuration platform powered by PowerEdge R840 rack servers and will include both NVIDIA V100 and AMD MI25 GPUs, in a 2U form factor. This will provide customers increased performance density and workload flexibility for the growing predictive analytics and AI/ML markets. Our joint customers will be able to choose the appropriate GPU for their workloads to enable Artificial Intelligence, training, inference and visualization scenarios.

Following our stringent engineered approach, Dell Technologies goes far beyond considering GPUs as just additional hardware components in the Dell EMC Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub portfolio. These new configurations, like all Dell EMC Integrated System for Azure Stack Hub offerings, also come with automated lifecycle management capabilities, streamlined operations, and exceptional support.

Dell Technologies has a long history of co-engineering with Microsoft and these new enhancements further strengthen our joint portfolio across hyperconverged infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions. By working together to deliver innovative services faster and more frequently, we can become a real partner of change for our customers in this Digital Transformation era.

With these new GPU-based configurations at the preview stage, we look forward to working closely with our customers in partnership with Microsoft to understand their scenarios and developing the right GPU platform to ensure a successful outcome. If interested in sharing your interest and feedback, please contact us to speak with one of our engineering technologists.