Top 5 Backup Blog Posts in 2018

Every year, the Spanning team reviews which blog posts have been most well-read, so we can provide more of what you’ve found useful in the coming year. 2018 is no different — and this year, our most popular blogs have been those focused on trending security topics like GDPR and new Spanning Backup feature enhancements.

Covering a range of Spanning solutions, including Office 365 backup, Salesforce “beyond backup” functionality, and Google G Suite native tools, these blogs made our top 5. If you haven’t read them yet, check them out!

#5 What You Need to Know about Ransomware Attacks and Office 365

In their 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report, Cisco estimated a 350% year over year growth rate in ransomware attacks. And SaaS applications like Office 365 are not immune to ransomware. The onus is on each organization to protect its data. Read this blog to understand the anatomy of a ransomware attack, followed up by pointers on protecting your data in Office 365.

#4 Sandbox Seeding

In the number 4 spot for 2018’s most popular Spanning blogs? A blog on a new and popular Spanning Backup for Salesforce feature. In the video below we walk through Spanning’s support for Sandbox Seeding — the ability to perform a cross-org restore of chosen data to seed your desired sandbox.

#3 Beyond Vault: Evaluating Google Vault as a Backup & Recovery Option

G Suite enables collaboration for organizations of all kinds and sizes. And while G Suite is built on Google’s extremely secure infrastructure, and while the applications that comprise it are built for security.  Google cannot protect you from data loss at your end, due to human error, malicious intent or malware. Even though some G Suite admins may think Vault provides what’s needed for backup and restore, that’s not the whole story, as you’ll see in  2018’s popular Spanning webinar where we weigh in on Google Vault as a backup and recovery option. Read our whitepaper on the topic to learn even more.

#2 Get the Real Scoop: Office 365 Backup Policies & How to Fully Protect Your Data

According to Okta’s “Business At Work” dashboard, Microsoft Office 365 is the market leader for SaaS productivity and collaboration. As with other SaaS platforms, however, Microsoft cannot protect you from you. Office 365 backup and retention policies vary by product, they’re complicated and have limited recovery options. In this blog, we examine Office 365 backup policies and discuss a better way to keep your data backed up and easily recoverable.

#1 The Global Impact of GDPR

The implementation of GDPR in 2018, along with an ongoing increase in malware in 2018, significantly raised awareness of the need for data protection this past year. Computer Weekly and TechTarget IT priorities survey 2018 reported that there was a 106% increase from the previous year in organizations prioritizing data protection.

Therefore it’s no surprise that this GDPR blog was the most widely-read of all Spanning blogs in 2018. Brian Rutledge, Spanning’s principal security manager, details GDPR’s key areas of concern and provides next steps to get your organization GDPR-ready.

Thank you for spending time with us in 2018. We hope we’ve inspired you to think differently about data protection and cyber security — and to work in the cloud in confidence.

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