To allTHANK YOU for 2017, and lets dream of 2018!

To all my readers, all our customers and partners, all my colleagues, all my friends – heck my competitors, thank you for everything in 2017.  

It was a year filled with change for me in the middle of a massive integration through the Dell acquisition – with a ton of learning, a ton of personal development/growth, and on the basis of the team – a ton of impact in the marketplace.

But – looking at the bigger picture, I get the sense it was a year of change for many.  It was a turbulent year in the world – everything seeming a little unsettled.  

It was also a year of so much creation, so much progress.  

Whenever I need a grounding, I spend time with two sources of energy for me: 1) on a personal level, this is my family (on whom I depend ultimately for my grounding – ultimately the most important source of everything for me); 2) at work, I get energy from the customers whom we serve.

Take the time to click on these tweets below, and watch the videos, listen to these customer stories. 

I know that my team and I are fiercely competitive and love winning.   All customers are precious – but sometimes it’s the ones that people miss are the most amazing.   These ones are ones where we’re helping drive human progress forward in our own small way.

They are amazing stories, and each are only a minute or two in duration.   They are inspiring to me, and I hope they are to you as well!


It isn’t easy – for anyone.   We each have our own mountains to climb, but we can do it, particularly when we do it together.   THANK YOU – not only from me, but the whole Converged Platform and Solutions leadership team (click on the picture below)


I’m looking forward to unplugging for a bit starting tonight.   It’s so important for each of us to ground ourselves, reflect on the world, the people around us. 

Dream of what the next orbit around the sun will bring: challenges and changed to be sure – but that’s part of the fun.  Trials are what bring tribulations.   New challenges are what create the opportunity for fresh victories.   Change brings new friends, new learning and new personal growth.  

Thank you all – and may you all have a safe, happy holidays!