[The Source Podcast] Pizza, Elevators, Data Analytics and Business Opportunity

It all starts with data analytics.  The practice of applying modern analytics software tools across data of all types, including unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data; as well as real-time/streaming and batch.  Discovering insights to enhance the understanding of business and customer behavior is the primary goal.  These analytics-driven insights can be used to shape business outcomes, improve competitive advantage, enhance financial decisions and develop more concise projections.

I sat down with Erin Banks (@BanksEK) aka #BigDataBanks at the Dell EMC Forum Montreal to get the latest.  From pizza to elevators to Mexican food and grocery stores, Big Data is nothing without Big Data Analytics.  We have the details this week.   For more information visit: dellemc.com/bigdata or Email: [email protected]

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