The Right Technology for Your Unique Small Business Demands

Small businesses need to be agile to make the most of their business opportunities. By having the latest technology, it will help get them there faster. In the United States, only 39.2% of small businesses have any full-time IT staff in-house.[1]

Growing businesses are challenged to manage expenses, improve productivity, and reduce complexities across their organizations. We see you, we understand your small business challenges, and want to make sure you get the best quality servers to help you achieve your IT goals. We realize that you may not have the time/resources to focus on your IT needs or manage business data on a complex IT solution. IT issues are likely to be disruptive and detrimental to small businesses.

Don’t let these challenges get in the way of your work. Our PowerEdge servers offer enterprise features at an affordable price. Since they are made to grow and scale with your business, they can help with future expense reduction. Our one-socket PowerEdge servers are also built to process data quickly and enable everyday business applications to run faster and reduce interruptions.

While these servers are designed for small to medium businesses, their increased performance, enterprise-class management, and robust security capabilities make them just as applicable for larger organizations as well. They come in a couple of form factors and a variety of feature sets that are optimized for different workloads and environments. Remember, one size does NOT fit all.

These four servers, the PowerEdge T140, T340, R240 and R340, feature a couple new important updates. The key feature among all these are the new Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processors. These latest processors now provide 100%[2] more cores than the previous server generation (up to 8 cores vs. 4 cores), allowing for increased performance and faster task completion. In fact, you can improve performance by up to 35% faster using PowerEdge one-socket servers with Intel® Xeon® E-2200 processors.[3]

Something else to think about is how you can automate your server lifecycle. Automation is key when it comes to handling pesky routine tasks. By leveraging these simple and efficient tools, you’ll reduce time and effort on server management and invest more of that time on bigger priorities. As a business, you never want your applications to stop working, so we’ve integrated built-in security, proactive support and hot-plug options to keep your business operating.

  • iDRAC is embedded across most PowerEdge servers and provides one of the best remote management solutions in the market for 1-to-1 server management.
  • You can access your servers anywhere, anytime from your mobile device with the Dell EMC OpenManage Mobile (with OpenManage Enterprise).
  • Set up as much as 66% faster with our ProDeploy suite of services, simply tell Dell EMC what applications you’d like to run, and we’ll configure and deploy the server in your office.[4]
  • Proactively resolve issues with up to 72% less effort by leveraging technology from ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist.[5]

See which PowerEdge one-socket server works best for you.


R240: The R240 is excellent for both general-purpose and industry-specific workloads. Typically for small to medium businesses where the IT infrastructure consists of multiple servers and can be consolidated in a rack. Another feature update for this server is the addition of a 450W cabled power supply to support the higher core count for faster performance. The R240 can handle collaboration/sharing, mail/messaging, file/print, data coordination, and web hosting.

R340: The R340 is designed to boost productivity, scale at your own pace, and help simplify your IT infrastructure. It offers high availability features like hot-plug drives and hot-plug redundant power supplies. The R340 is great for file/print, mail/messaging, collaboration/sharing and remote/branch offices. Plus, the R340 goes into the same type of SMB rack infrastructure as the R240.


T140: This is an excellent server for desktop consolidation and general business applications. It includes tasks like collaboration, productivity apps, file-and-print, mail and messaging, office data coordination and file sharing. The T140 typically goes to small office/home office users and helps these businesses get organized. Plus, it also simplifies the IT of their growing business onto a reliable platform and attain greater productivity.

T340: The T340 tower server is well-suited for single-tier workloads and offers room for expansion. While it supports the same kind of general-purpose applications as the T140, the T340 offers greater internal storage capacity. It can accommodate users with rapidly expanding data storage requirements or allowing steady data growth and expandability. Its convenient tower form also makes it a popular choice for remote office/branch office sites, for example, bank branches and retail outlets.

The PowerEdge one-socket servers can help simplify your IT environment, make better use of data, and are ready to scale with your business. Check out a couple of tips to help get you started on your server selection if you are unsure where to begin.

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