The Research-Backed Reason Why the Best IT Shops Crush the Competition with Data

According to new survey results from ESG, just 1 in 5 respondents are very confident in their IT organization’s ability to properly support data goals over the next three years. However, there is reason for hope. If you are a modernized IT shop, it’s highly (94%) likely that your business does have confidence that you can deliver infrastructure to support these data-driven goals over the next three years. The key lies in that word, modernized.

What does it mean to be modernized? New survey results from ESG show modernized IT is nearly 3x as likely as aging IT to report their analytics server infrastructure is less than two years old. The importance of refreshed, up-to-date servers in your mission to organize and crunch data can’t be overstated. Per ESG, “A modernized IT allows organizations to swiftly respond to the needs of the business, act upon opportunities in real time, maintain a competitive advantage, and ultimately improve the bottom line.”

Moor Insights & Strategy agrees, finding that without the right infrastructure, businesses will not be able to reap the full benefits of data analytics. Servers that aren’t data optimized come at a price, and that price is reflected in higher total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT and lost business opportunities for your company. Infrastructure with enabling technologies like Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory is key to making sure your data applications run smoothly. As Moor Insights points out, “Data analysis can only transform as fast as the underlying hardware enables it.”[1] Their paper demonstrates it is no coincidence that businesses that have modernized infrastructure are best prepared to capitalize on the bounty of benefits that refined data can deliver.

What do these potential business opportunities look like? In short, why should you care? Here’s a look at what you are missing out on if your servers aren’t modernized and tuned for data management and analytics success.[2]

Companies with modernized IT:

  • are nearly 7x more likely to report their analytics environments are very effective at driving business value than aging IT companies.
  • are 6x more likely than aging IT orgs to report analytics are increasing customer spend.
  • report that analytics are reducing the cost of business operations at nearly triple the rate of those with aging IT.
  • are 5x more likely than aging IT companies to report that analytics are helping uncover new market opportunities.
  • report analytics are shortening time to market nearly 3x more often than those with aging IT.

Conclusion? Data management and analytics, done right, enable businesses to capture value-driving insights that help the business win in the marketplace. In order to run top-notch analytics, you need modern servers with the latest technology to enable your pursuits.

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