The Importance of Cyber Resilience for Medium Businesses

Medium businesses often find themselves stuck between technology solutions for small business and enterprise business. The good news is they can use both. As long as the solution produces results for their business, it doesn’t matter which side medium businesses lean toward. And against the backdrop of the challenges medium businesses face, from financing and fulfilling orders, to managing employees and meeting regulations, to just keeping the lights on, having flexibility in technology solutions is critical.

With any technology chosen to drive business data, the data has to be protected.  If you can’t recover your data when and where you need it, think twice about that technology. This is where your data protection and cyber resilient strategy comes into play when it comes to cyberthreats.

In industry conversations with businesses of all sizes, cybersecurity is a topic that leaders regularly raise as a top concern, and news headlines about cyberattacks are pervasive. Medium businesses contend with cybersecurity concerns as all businesses do, but finding the right tools and solutions to manage data can be difficult. A recent global study on ransomware’s impact on business reports 37% of business leaders said their organizations were forced to lay off employees following a cyberattack,¹ a devastating development for any business and especially so for medium businesses. In addition, many believe that when you pay the ransom – an unexpected and often large sum for most medium businesses – you will get all your data back. But according to the same report, 54% of those who paid the ransom still reported system issues or corrupted data after decryption, and 80% of those who paid were victims of a second attack. Paying the ransom doesn’t make you cyber resilient; it just makes you a bigger target for the next attack.

Dell Technologies and our partners understand the need for medium businesses to be cyber resilient. Whether your data is on-premises, at the endpoints, distributed across multicloud platforms or as-a-service, you have to isolate your critical business data away from attack surfaces to have a successful recovery strategy.

Graphic illustrating how Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery products can protect critical data from a variety of security threats. PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

When it comes to protecting your on-premises and multicloud workloads, Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine learning identifies suspicious activity and allows you to recover known good data for rapid business recovery.

Cyber Recovery protects your critical data through three primary methods.

    • Immutability preserves your data’s integrity and confidentiality with layers of security and controls.
    • Isolation physically and logically separates your production data in a vault.
    • Intelligence leverages machine learning and analytics to help ensure the recoverability of your data.

Learn more about Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery here.

Dell APEX Backup Services

Medium businesses no longer have to worry about traditional data protection challenges like building and managing the physical infrastructure. With transparent and predictable subscription-based pricing, Dell APEX Backup Services makes data backup costs more efficient, while providing robust protection capabilities across applications, endpoints and hybrid workloads.

Dell APEX Backup Services delivers a multi-layer defense system of ransomware protection capabilities to ensure data integrity, availability, operational security and accelerated recovery. Dell APEX Backup Services delivers data protection as-a-Service, offering medium businesses unique features including:

    • Built-in ransomware protection
    • Zero Trust architecture model
    • Multi-layered access controls
    • Industry standard envelope encryption
    • Immutable and encrypted data storage
    • Data sharding
    • Backup data isolated from your network

Learn more about Dell APEX Backup Services here

Bolster Your Medium Business’ Cyber Resilience 

At Dell Technologies, we’re focused on helping you secure, protect and recover data in the event of a cyberattack with the industry’s most innovative solutions. We know data protection, and we stop at nothing to be your trusted partner for modern security solutions and services that enhance IT resiliency, reduce complexity and provide peace of mind that your organization and its data are protected.

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