Teamwork Driving Transformation: The Power of One Unleashing the Power of Data

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

Yes – it’s football season in the U.S. and I’m kicking off this post with a quote from legendary football coach Tom Landry…it’ll make sense in a moment.

About a year ago, we took the next step in our Dell Technologies journey in bringing our PC and Infrastructure business under one roof as the Products and Operations organization.  The team’s mission well-represents our wider organization’s vision to be THE essential infrastructure provider edge, to core, to cloud – because this organization literally delivers the products, solutions and capabilities across each supported by the power of one of the most innovative and effective supply chains in the world.

The creation of the P&O team gives us a unique perspective in the industry to look across the entirety of our Dell and Dell EMC portfolio.  And, it pushes us to deliver more holistic solutions for our customers modernizing IT to better meet the needs of their evolving workforce and take advantage of the new opportunities driven by data.

Reflecting on the last year – it’s truly amazing what we’ve accomplished.  We’ve executed against our winning strategy to rev up the innovation engine across the entirety of our business, simplify our ISG portfolio to deliver the best products, and most importantly, embrace the power of teamwork in everything that we do in the spirit of winning.   As a result, we’re driving continued growth across our businesses in PCs, Workstations, Gaming, Servers, Storage, Networking, HCI and CI, Data Protection.   I love being a part of a winning team.

When I think about what has been core to the team’s success over the last year – it’s hands down the hard work of the team working together, driven by a common purpose to succeed – to win.  We’ve laid out a strategy and day in, day out – we execute against it [i].  We often hear about “flawless” execution – but there is always a challenge – always an audible that forces you to change route.  But we keep our heads in the game – looking ahead – doing what we do best – no distractions, though some may try.

There’s going to be times where not everything goes to plan – but it’s how resilient you are in those moments that define the success of a team.  Those moments make us stronger, smarter – we analyze, assess and apply new takeaways and knowledge to ensure our trajectory for success stays on track.

I’ve been impressed by what’s possible through the power of one team this year.  We made a statement in Enterprise Storage with PowerMax – the world’s fastest storage array on the planet. We’re continuing to deliver innovation for the Mid-Range with SC Series and Unity enhancements, and most recently a powerful entry-level Storage solution with PowerVault.  We’re powering high-value Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads with our PowerEdge portfolio, and we’re driving innovation in Multi-Cloud solutions that enable organizations to better manage and scale data both on- and off-premise across public AND private clouds.   And of course, there’s more to come.  In the PC business – we kicked off 2018 with 87+ awards at CES across our PC and gaming portfolio…but that was just the beginning. We’ve launched award-winning Workstations and Displays in just the last few weeks, and most recently 17 “Best of IFA” awards – and the innovation engine continues to crank.

But the power of the collective P&O organization is how we work across the organization and across our aligned businesses to deliver unparalleled solutions for our customers.  Case in point – how we have integrated solutions with VMware to transform IT.   Just recently at VMworld we demonstrated the power of how Dell, Dell EMC and VMware are “better together” with solutions that scale across Software-Defined infrastructure to modernize IT from edge, to core, to cloud – while also modernizing PC provisioning in the workplace with Dell and Workspace ONE.  And we’ll continue to do more of this across the Dell Technologies family.

It’s these integrated solutions that give organizations like Draper the ability to further modernize technology for their workforce and transform their IT infrastructure and solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, such as advancing technology in spacesuits to keep astronauts – and eventually firefighters and deep water divers – safe in the event of an emergency.

But there’s always more to do.

“If you sit back and spend too much time feeling good about what you did in the past, you’re going to come up short next time.”  New England fans know that Coach Bill Belichick isn’t a man of many words…but when he does provide insight, it’s worth listening to.  And he’s got a few rings to back those words up 😉

This sentiment couldn’t be more true.  Just like any team – we look back at what went well, and ask where can we do better.  How do we perform with excellence despite the challenges and competition out in the field?  It’s what drives every member of this organization to advance innovation full speed ahead across our portfolio to ensure our customers can meet their IT needs today and tomorrow.

So as we look ahead into the next year and what’s in store during what many are calling the “Data Era” – with even more data coming our way – creating more complexity for our customers but equal opportunity to take Digital Transformation head on…this team, the best team in the industry, says “Game On.”

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