Talking Tech with Travis: Episode 6 – End-to-End NVMe Software

NVMe/TCP uses the standard TCP/IP internet and Ethernet infrastructure protocols to deliver a direct Storage Area Network (SAN) fabric connection from an initiator, like a Dell EMC PowerEdge server, to a target storage device, such as a Dell EMC PowerStore array. As Ihab Tarazi, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions and Ecosystems, points out, NVMe/TCP combines the best of today’s networking and storage technologies to enable a host of exciting capabilities. NVMe/TCP will make an especially big difference for organizations that need multi-cloud connectivity and want to support distributed SANs or edge deployments with standard connectivity.

Networkwide automation and discovery become possible when you combine NVMe/TCP with Dell Technologies SmartFabric Storage Software (SFSS). You gain an IP-based SAN that can incorporate multiple operating systems as well as all Dell Technologies storage solutions. SFSS is a containerized, cloud-native, open-source software that greatly improves connectivity performance and latency. SFSS integrates with VMware vCenter and vSphere for enhanced SAN manageability and automation.

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