Tales of Transformations: How Creative Pirates are Providing Us with State-of-the-Art Entertainment

“Do amazing things and have fun doing it” – that’s the motto of Important Looking Pirates, one of Scandinavia’s biggest visual effects and digital animation studio. To do more amazing things, its digital future depends upon providing state-of-the-art remote workstations to its artists that enable them to easily shift between projects and areas, and provide the right storage and rendering farm to get the job done. Together with Dell Technologies they successfully completed a holistic workforce transformation.

Everything they do from a technology perspective is to support the amazing work their people. Here is their tale of transformation:

Thanks to the right storage, networking and workstation solutions, ILP’s workforce can now securely connect to stunning visuals from remote locations, check in on a render and make the necessary edits much quicker. For ILP, harnessing technology is a human-centric activity. It unleashes creativity, boosts morale and productivity.

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