Big Data and Analytics


  • Infrastructure to support petabytes data at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage
  • Holistic view (resource consumption, performance, user behavior, IT service intelligence)
  • Real time analytics and reporting
  • Clear visualizations for stakeholders and investors

What it is

Every single component of your IT infrastructure creates data, but what organizations do with that data defines whether they define the future or are defined by the future of IT. Organizations that have turned to using Big Data for key insights in the decision-making process are realizing that they are now able to operate under a tighter budget without compromising quality or productivity. The technology used to architect Big Data and Data Analytics solutions streamline organizational operations while giving stakeholders and decision makers a holistic view of activity.

How we do it

Storing and leveraging data created by your IT systems is a double-edged sword, and JTEK understands that. When you collect data, where do you store it? When you collect data, how do you use it? Many of our clients have asked that question. The solutions we’ve developed have addressed their questions and hesitations, and our deployments have helped them overcome obstacles they have faced for years.

Choosing to collect, store, and analyze data will soon no longer be a choice. Government mandates are forcing public sector and private sector organizations (finance, insurance, healthcare) alike to farm data and retain records for years. Poise yourself for a data-driven future with JTEK and our portfolio of cutting-edge technology providers.

Learn how our solutions work together to maximize efficiency, simplicity, and autonomy.