Application Transformation


  • Increased collaboration among application development, QA, and continuing support
  • Enhanced user experiene for mobile and cloud-based applications
  • Containerization, allowing rapid deployment and business continuity
  • Automation, reducing the risk of user error and redundancy

What it is

Application transformation encompasses everything from reducing the number of applications within your organization, to moving applications to the cloud, to ensuring that apps meet updated compliance and governance requirements. Prior methods of application development and deployment caused a divide among development, quality assurance, and support. This lack of collaboration ultimately causes frustration for your workforce and downtime, costing your organization money. Transforming application development, delivery, and support ensures your organization continuity of operations and increased uptime.

How we do it

Understanding the importance of uptime and how any delay in delivery or support can have a negative impact on routine and mission critical operations, JTEK addresses the growing need to transform how applications are developed, delivered, and maintained. New technology has allowed our customers new and innovative ways to enhance, automate, and simplify how end users access and use applications without increases in CapEx and OpEx.

As organizations shift to cloud-native and more heavily-virtualized environments, stakeholders and administrators are taking proactive methods to gain visibility, reduce total cost of ownership, and prevent human error through automation and preset parameters. Developing, deploying, and supporting apps has never been an easy task, but JTEK can provide a solution to fit both your needs and your budget to poise your organization for the cloud-native future.

Learn how our solutions work together to maximize efficiency, simplicity, and autonomy.