Showcasing the art of the possible with Accenture

At the recent Now Forum London we were delighted to announce that Accenture and ServiceNow are deepening their strategic partnership. This is good news for every business facing up to the challenge of digital transformation.

Disruption is everywhere, in every sector, and these headwinds mean businesses of every stripe are seeking out new technologies that will enable them to increase the agility, speed and innovation of their organisation.

The problem is, digital transformation takes a lot of heavy lifting. It can’t be achieved in isolation, and it can’t be done piecemeal. This is why our work with Accenture has the potential to be so powerful.

As Ciaran Cosgrave, Managing Director at Accenture UK, will say, there is currently an insatiable appetite for “the New”, i.e. digital-, cloud- and security-related services. Indeed, in fiscal year 2018 “the New” accounted for approximately 60% of Accenture’s total net revenues.

So, what does the renewed and deeper partnership really mean? As you might expect, there are two sides to this story.

Painting the full digital transformation picture

For us at ServiceNow we recognise that we have a unique offering that is creating new digital workflows that are unlocking productivity across organisations. However, we also recognise that these workflows and productivity gains have to be delivered as part of the overall digital transformation picture.

We need to pair our capabilities with a ‘front end’ partner that can unlock the full potential of our platform for clients and solve the sector-specific challenges they are facing in meaningful ways.

From the Accenture side, the importance of the partnership lies in the complementary nature of our respective business. To quote Ciaran “While there is incredible demand for support in digital transformation projects, it is imperative we give our customers seamless, end-to-end technology experiences to meet their expectations. ServiceNow is an absolutely key part of delivering on that need and our clients’ requirements.”

Strategic partnership, unparalleled service

Ultimately, this is about delivering unparalleled service. We are investing in each other’s capabilities and understanding for the benefit of our customers. We are training ourselves on Accenture’s methods and they are continuing to deepen their knowledge of the ServiceNow Platform.

Together, this will help clients implement strategic cloud migration plans with a long-term view, as opposed to tactical, near-term, project-based approaches. It also means customers can benefit from resources like the Accenture Cloud Innovation Centre in Rome. The new centre will allow clients to sit side-by-side with cloud native experts to discuss projects, test cloud security processes and receive strategic direction before products go live. It offers dedicated space for clients to explore common use cases and possible scenarios related to ServiceNow with business impact in-person.

Helping you do your best work

The best time to innovate is now. For financial services organisations that might mean dealing with the fallout from Brexit or ring-fenced banking. For utility and media companies that might mean finding ways to get closer to your customers and building ever-greater engagement. For manufacturers, it might mean managing globally-distributed teams more efficiently.

The key with this new partnership is that we are able to show our customers the art of the possible. It’s not about solving today’s immediate problems; it’s about truly realising your business’ full potential. Whatever your challenge, our combined mission is to provide solutions for digital experiences that help people do their best work.

A platform of potential

This is what we say we’re going to do, but we don’t want to leave it there. We need to take you behind the scenes so you can see for yourselves how Accenture’s full spectrum of digital transformation expertise and ServiceNow’s capabilities can drive superior business outcomes.

Over the next few months we’ll be showcasing this here on Service Matters to highlight the challenges we’re taking on, the impact we are having and, most importantly, how we are doing it.

We want to show you the incredible potential of this collaboration for your business, so stay tuned over the next few months for more insights!