RSA Archer Summit 2018 Retrospective

They say ‘It ain’t over, until it’s over’. Even though the RSA Archer Summit 2018 came to a close last Friday, we know the challenges of the risk landscape will remain. Last week, we welcomed over 1200 customers and partners to the country music mecca of Nashville in the 15th anniversary version of the RSA Archer Summit. Over the course of 2 ½ day event, we hosted 6 working groups, a customer advisory board, 5 keynotes, over 55 learning sessions, a ‘Choose your own adventure’ lab and an ‘Ask the Expert’ room that was busy the entire conference, and more networking and community celebratory events than you can shake a banjo at.

Risk Management Perspectives

Seeing so many practitioners present best practices, lessons learned and tips and tricks always provides key insights into the state of the risk management. Some key takeaways I heard:

  • Digital initiatives are impacting security and risk management in many different ways. From addressing expanded privacy concerns related to customer facing digital products and services to adjusting risk and compliance efforts around emerging technology, companies are faced with changing requirements and continue to strive towards integrated strategies that cross functional and operational teams. Watch Grant Geyer, VP of Product at RSA, describe the impact of the digital world on risk management.
  • The evolution of GRC towards Integrated Risk Management continues. Call it what you will – GRC or IRM – the emphasis of connecting risk disciplines and building a collaborative, risk based approach to security, compliance, resiliency, third party governance and audit is top of mind for all practitioners.
  • We heard a wide variety of customer stories highlighting tips for success. Engaging your stakeholders, building a strong foundation of both organizational and technical support and thinking strategically are keys to building a sustainable, high value program.
  • I also had a chance to catch up with Jack Jones from the FAIR institute on the future of risk management in the age of risk economics. It was great to get his perspective – watch the interview here.

The Future of Risk Management

Since this year’s Summit was a special anniversary edition, we celebrated the long history of RSA Archer in the risk management industry. Looking back at 2003, the first year of the Summit, stirred a nostalgic feel as we contemplated the past. In 2003, Sarbanes Oxley was only 1 year old and the Apple ITunes store was tech invention of the year according to Time Magazine.   Those ‘simpler’ times dropped hints at the coming challenges – regulatory mandates and shifting requirements, the importance of corporate governance and compliance, the glowing fuse of the digital explosion…

A highlight for me this year was the keynote address by David Houle that gave us a perspective on the future and the challenges across a wide spectrum of risks facing organizations today. I also wrapped up the event with my own evaluation of what risk management looks like as we face the evolution of our industry. Speed, automation, integrated approaches, the merging security and risk disciplines and preparing for a constant shift in both technology and culture make the future of risk management an exciting, and challenging, industry.

The 2018 RSA Archer Summit was just the kick off of the next chapter. RSA is in a unique position to help organizations bridge the worlds of Security and Risk Management as we span across these critical domains.   The strategic vision and the innovations previewed at the Summit for RSA Archer highlight how the solution is geared to help risk and security teams see around the corner and build that truly integrated approach. Through presentation after presentation, our customers articulated an incredible passion in bringing together functions, driving change and unleashing their organization’s potential.   I am happy to say I don’t think there is a company out there that is better suited than RSA to help them continue on their journey forward to the next 15 years.

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