RSA Archer Summit 2018 – Call For Speakers Now Open

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As we announced last year at RSA Charge, the RSA Archer Summit this year is in Nashville. Registration is now available on the RSA Archer Summit website.

I am pleased to announce this year’s Call for Speakers for the 2018 RSA Archer Summit is open.  Each year we have a wide range of submissions to contemplate as we build the conference agenda. Given the GRC and Risk Management universe is so broad, this year we are simplifying the categories for our education tracks.

There are three topics for speakers to consider:

Business Risk Management in Practice

Sessions should focus on best practices in enterprise and operational risk management, IT risk management and security, operational risks, third party governance, compliance, business continuity risk or audit.  The audience for this track will be risk, security, compliance, audit and continuity professionals tasked with execution of these processes. Content should include best practices, case studies or war stories. Examples include how to identify, assess and monitor risks, risk assessments, security operations, BC/DR planning and compliance processes and how RSA Archer is being used in your organization to support these practices. The presentation should include an explanation of the business problem, desired outcomes, required functionality, solution outcomes and metrics used to measure success.


The RSA Archer Journey

Sessions should focus approaches, strategies and recommendations for the implementation of your business risk management program from an organizational perspective. The audience for this track will be individuals responsible for overall program execution, strategy, project managers, GRC champions or those tasked with getting a program up and running. Content should include case studies and recommendations for assessing maturity, changing organizational culture, building long term strategies or removing organizational barriers or obstacles. Examples include how to achieve consensus, measure value of the program, reporting on return on investments, organization change management or strategic roadmaps.  The presentation should include an explanation of the approach taken (centralized, top-down, decentralized, federated, or some combination), the rationale, the phases of organizational achievement, and the major milestones in risk and compliance maturity.


RSA Archer Technical

Sessions should cover beginner to advanced uses of the platform, custom objects, data feeds, on demand applications, integrations, etc.   The audience for this track is RSA Archer administrators, developers, integrators or those tasked with operational support of the RSA Archer platform. The content must include demonstrations of a business problem that is addressed using the RSA Archer platform. Screen shots, recorded or interactive demonstrations are required. This should be a “How To” presentation to instruct the audience on optimal platform configuration.  Other technical presentations may cover topics such as the administration of the platform, backup/recovery, system architecture, etc.


If you are contemplating submitting a session, know that this is a very rewarding experience. Presenting to your peers can be a bit unnerving but the satisfaction and return is worth it. To teach others is to learn about oneself. Thinking through your experiences, applying your new found knowledge and acknowledging your successes and lessons learned is as much of a benefit as imparting your wisdom to others.

I invite all of you to take a look across your implementation of RSA Archer and pull out those nuggets to share with your peers. The RSA Archer Summit is the perfect venue to help others navigate their own challenges and for you to pass on (and receive) knowledge and experience.

The process is simple:

  1. Download the form.
  2. Fill out the form completely.
  3. Send the form to [email protected]. Include “Speaker Submission” in the subject line.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The Call for Speakers ENDS FEBRUARY 28, 2018.  

Selections will be communicated with speakers once the selection committee reviews all submissions.