RSA Archer® Navigator is now available on your mobile device!

Eighteen months have already passed since the redesigned tool was launched on RSA Link.  This tool introduced the ability to browse for RSA Archer content throughout RSA Link (e.g. documentation, downloads, advisories, knowledge base articles, training materials, videos and more) using a series of filters to locate exactly what you need.

With the RSA Archer Navigator tool, users can apply filters for RoleExpertise, Focus, Cost, Product, Version and Content Type, which will then display a list of content from across the entire website which can then be filtered even further as necessary to make it very easy to find relevant materials.

After the tool was so well-received by RSA Archer customers, the , and products followed suit and released Navigator tools for their content as well.  Users of these four products can easily access the associated Navigator tool by clicking on the link below the search bar on the primary product community pages.

In order to make it even easier for users to locate the content they need, the RSA Link team is proud to announce that the RSA Navigator tools are now fully functional on your mobile devices.  This means that even on mobile phones that view the website in portrait (i.e. vertical) mode, the tool will work the same way. (Previously the RSA Navigator tools only worked in landscape mode on mobile phones.)

You can locate the  tool on your mobile device by going to the page, expanding the Product Resources section and then clicking on the RSA Archer Navigator link.  Alternatively, you can simply click on the magnifying glass icon and search for “Archer Navigator” and it will appear in the results.

Similar to the desktop version of the tool, you can then select the filter(s) you wish to apply and then click the View Results button to view the content that match the criteria.

We hope that this new improvement will assist RSA customers and partners with having an even better experience on RSA Link and that they will be able to quickly and easily find what they need regardless of how and from where they’re connecting.

More information about the tool can be found in the video and blog posts below.