[The Source Podcast] Pizza, Elevators, Data Analytics and Business Opportunity

It all starts with data analytics.  The practice of applying modern analytics software tools across data of all types, including unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data; as well as real-time/streaming and batch.  Discovering insights to enhance the understanding of business and customer behavior is the primary goal.  These analytics-driven insights can be used to shape business…

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The New Magic Box : Three Ways Accelerated Computing is Transforming Enterprises

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — Arthur C. Clarke At this moment in history, we can watch movies on our phones and use our televisions to call our loved ones. Advanced computing is leading to more accurate medical diagnoses, breakthrough medical treatments and a better shopping experience. Businesses, through artificial intelligence, can recognize…

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Financial Sector CIOs: Gain Competitive Edge, Not Risk 

The financial services industry is facing down smaller startups with machine learning technology at a faster pace than incumbents in any other field.   But as organizations race to invest more in the technology and adopt new business processes to achieve maximum results, important policies are getting left behind: risk management.    Our new Global CIO Point of View, a survey of 500…

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