Redesigning Meeting Spaces of the Future

Recent events and global cultural shifts have encouraged employers to rethink their workplace policies and accommodate a more flexible hybrid work model. These days, employees are in constant motion across office, home, and “third spaces.” But this new way of working requires companies to adopt new technologies that better support collaboration. Meeting rooms still have…

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Envisioning the Future of Computer-Assisted Surgery

Increasing safety and accuracy while lowering costs Medivis is a medical technology company that designs augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) software for advanced surgical visualization. The company brings together the sharpest minds in a variety of fields, including neuroanatomy, radiology, mixed-reality technology, graphics engineering, user-experience design, database architecture, web application development, 3D modeling…

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Why I’m Optimistic About 2021

We’ve emerged from 2020 – a year that presented significant challenges while earning us a few new stripes. We learned what it means to be resilient and agile. We adapted to different ways of working and learning. We rallied together even when apart – offering support and encouragement. And quite often, technology was at the…

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