Reduce Downtime with Mission Critical Support for Your Infrastructure

Being “down” is never a good thing. It’s how we describe disruptive events that make everything else inconvenient – your car in the shop, having a medical issue or system failures at work. It refers to any event likely to bring you down personally, professionally or both. And one thing is true in all cases: You want to return to your normal routine ASAP.

At Dell Technologies, we’re not mechanics or healthcare professionals, but we do have the tools and expertise to help you accelerate deployments and keep infrastructure running optimally.

Let’s say you’re making new investments to give your company a competitive edge. Whether you’ve purchased new servers, storage or data protection appliances, you want to maximize your new technology immediately – and that’s exactly how we can help.

A recent report published by Principled Technologies demonstrated the ProDeploy Infrastructure Suite can get you up and running three times faster than in-house administrators. ProDeploy Plus comes with many key advantages, including project managers, solution architects and engineers who know the best practices, approaches and tools for the solutions you’re deploying.

Additionally, our self-service TechDirect portal allows our experts and your team to collaborate on the environment design prior to on-site installation. It serves as a centralized repository for information where project members can view information, collaborate and ultimately approve the deployment plan that’s right for you.

Now, we’ll provide even more value as ProDeploy Plus customers will receive our CloudIQ cybersecurity best practices to help protect their environment against threats.

Once we deploy your new infrastructure, you want it operating with minimal downtime, especially unplanned downtime. After all, it’s not just critical to your business; it’s mission critical, which is why we’ve made significant enhancements to the ProSupport Suite, especially the ProSupport Plus service.

We all know Severity 1 issues happen. They don’t happen often with Dell solutions, but when they do, you need an all-hands-on-deck response. And that’s exactly what you’ll receive from our experts, who stand ready to get your systems back into production as quickly as possible with incident management and “crit-sit” coverage.

Femail IT pro in a data center monitors Dell CloudIQ on PowerScale storage units' performance with a Dell Latitude 2-in-1 tablet.In addition to the critical situation procedures available today, ProSupport Plus with Mission Critical support includes the following new features:

    • Access to onsite diagnosis for Severity 1 issues at customer request
    • Rapid dispatch of senior field engineer in parallel with phone-based troubleshooting
    • Six-hour call-to-repair objective for hardware issues
    • Priority production in the event of a critical situation caused by a natural disaster

ProSupport Plus customers will also receive new, enhanced security alerts and recommendations, including CloudIQ health and cybersecurity recommendations.

And they’ll continue to receive the features you’d expect from a TSIA Hall of Fame member with 47 STAR awards:

    • An assigned Service Account Manager (SAM) – a customer’s chief support advocate, ensuring the best possible proactive, predictive and preventative support experience
    • Priority access to remote senior support engineers
    • Proactive system maintenance and insights through the system maintenance report, along with a recommendation and remediation plan to improve system performance and health
    • Limited third-party software support

You’ll also be able to reduce risk, improve productivity and plan ahead for your future needs with personalized dashboards for intelligent insights from CloudIQ and MyService360. And for the best detailed analytics and automated support backed by our AI/ML capabilities, make sure to connect your infrastructure to Dell via our secure connect gateway to get the most from these portals.

We all know time is money, and there’s no time for downtime. If your infrastructure is critical to the success of your business, learn more about the ProSupport Infrastructure Suite – especially the mission critical support capabilities of ProSupport Plus – or connect with a sales specialist.