Put a Spring in Your Application Team

This has been a year of new beginnings for me here at Pivotal. That said, the important things stay the same: everyone is curious, change is urgent, and it’s all around us.

people at Pivitol SpringOne Platform event

It’s a new era for IT architects, IT operations teams, and the application teams they support. The lines between infrastructure and apps are blurring, with infrastructure coming up to devs, new programmable infrastructure models becoming real, new application models changing the way people innovate, and hybrid cloud models at every level of the stack becoming the operating model.

It’s an important time to broaden horizons and cross-pollinate. IT operators need to know more about what’s happening in the application domain than ever before. Not just because there’s cool stuff happening there, but because delivery speed has never mattered more. And it only happens if everyone’s on board and focused on it.

Spring is the most popular modern Java frameworks in the world—and the basis for many of the amazing new applications being created today, several of them running on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. There’s one place to go to learn everything about Spring and modern software: SpringOne Platform.

SpringOne Platform is the “Dell Technology World” or the “VMworld” for the Pivotal ecosystem—a massive annual event. It’s a great opportunity for people who traditionally live in the infrastructure domain to learn about what is happening, and what they can do to help accelerate the businesses they support.

To give you a flavor for the event, you can find one of my favorite sessions from 2017, from our very own Onsi Fakhouri.

SpringOne Platform is a great chance to talk, to listen, and to learn. How have the most regulated, conservative, “tech debt-loaded” companies changed their destinies? How have the infrastructure teams partnered, supported, and in some cases led the change? Come. Listen. Ask. Challenge.

It’s a unique opportunity to open your mind, uplevel your skills, and engage in the transformation that is occurring in the world—and in your business—in new ways!

I hope to see you there!

P.S. Bring your whole team and use the code S1P200_CSakac when you register to save $200 off your SpringOne Platform passes.