Pivotal Web Services (“PWS”) SSL Certificate expiration for default *.cfapps.io domain

On March 31, 2017 at 12:28 GMT, we detected that the SSL certificate for the default cfapps.io domain expired and this resulted in many services and applications requiring encrypted connections on that domain to fail. Applications continued to operate and services utilizing unencrypted connections were not affected.

Once the certificate expiration was detected, our operations team promptly obtained a valid certificate and updated the certificate for cfapps.io, restoring services for encrypted connections by 13:40 GMT.

Pivotal apologizes for any impact this incident may have caused. For an incident of this nature, there are no excuses.  We will be immediately conducting a post-mortem, including a root cause analysis (“RCA”), to determine the cause of the certificate expiration and plan to take necessary actions to ensure this sort of issue will not happen again.

As a Pivotal Web Services customer, you entrust Pivotal with the managing of the infrastructure for your applications and we hold ourselves to a high standard with those responsibilities in mind. We sincerely apologize for this occurrence and will do everything we can to keep your applications running smoothly in the future.

Charles Wu is the Principal Product Manager leading Pivotal Web Services (PWS), the leading publicly hosted instance of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Previously he focused on mobile and social products at Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and Motorola. Awarded 5 U.S. patents. He can be found @ccwu on Twitter and charleswu on LinkedIn.