On Being Centered and Creating a Global Women’s Network for our Partners

The mission of the Dell EMC Network of Extraordinary Women is to support and empower women of the channel through networking, tools, resources and community. This initiative works in collaboration with Dell EMC employee resource groups to develop enrichment programs that bring awareness and inclusion to our Women of the channel—both within Dell EMC and among our partner community. And, at the heart of it all, we strive to have fun and celebrate each other.

Deanna Thomson on Being Centered

In October, I had the honor of attending the Dell EMC Partners “Extraordinary Women Welcome Luncheon” during The Canadian Partner Summit 2017.  Hosted by Deanna Thomson, National Director Channel Sales, Dell EMC Canada, this event brought together a group of more than 50 extraordinary attendees— including Partners, Dell EMC executives and employees.

Deanna Thomson delivered a compelling keynote around the topic of Being Centered. Deanna defined being centered as, “… A place within you, where it’s calm and you know exactly who you are. It’s where all the worries and doubts that we have, fade away. It’s where we are truly honest with ourselves and its where our ability to create, accomplish, and even endure comes from.”

Deanna then challenged the attendees to find their center and to be the best possible version of themselves.  This message resonated deeply with them, evident in the wonderful discussions that followed her speech.

Together we shared stories, laughed and applauded one another’s experiences. The feeling in the room was that of a strong community and connection.  This event was a true embodiment of the Dell EMC Partners Network of Extraordinary Women mission.

Creating a Global Community Together

We first introduced Dell EMC Partners Network of Extraordinary Women during Global Partner Summit at Dell EMC World 2017.

Through this program, Dell EMC seeks to help enable the women of our channel by creating a community where women can network with industry peers and like-minded women, share best practice and access tools and resources to help grow their business and thrive with Dell EMC.

And that’s not just talk … Like all of our channel women executives, it is my personal mission to connect with as many women in technology as possible, have an open conversations and find ways to support them.

I am passionate about being part of a community of women in technology and recognize the diversity and change that women leaders can contribute to all areas of the channel and to the industry and I am so very proud to see this initiative come to life.

Get Involved with Dell EMC Partners Women Network

Did you attend the Dell EMC Partners Network of Extraordinary Women Luncheon? We’d love for you to be a program ambassador when it formally launches. If you forgot to leave your business card with us during the luncheon, please reach out to Holly Delgado for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at the official program launch which will take place during Global Partner Summit at Dell EMC World 2018! Register now Dell EMC World 2018—you won’t want to miss it!