NOTICE: Removing Ruby 2.3.1 and adding Ruby 2.3.3 in cflinuxfs2 stack

The cflinuxfs2 stack currently includes Ruby 2.3.1. New versions of the stack after April 1, 2017 will include Ruby 2.3.3. This is a backwards-compatible, patch-level version change, but if you have a Gemfile that explicitly depends on Ruby 2.3.1 in the cflinuxfs2 stack, you should update that Gemfile not to lock to a particular version of Ruby, as we make no guarantees about the version of Ruby provided in cflinuxfs2.

Note that the cflinuxfs2 stack has historically contained Ruby, even though the Ruby Buildpack provides separate Ruby binaries. This change will not affect the Ruby versions provided by the Ruby buildpack.


Stephen Levine, Core CF Buildpacks PM