New Custom Alerts Notify Salesforce Admins of Data At-Risk

Since Salesforce admins are responsible for their org’s data, they’re also responsible for any data loss resulting from malicious activity, data corruption, or a failed integration. But how can an admin quickly tell when something is wrong and their org’s data is at risk?

Until now, there was no easy way to identify activity that could indicate trouble, and there was no easy way to make custom alerts for those situations. Admins either had to manually set up reports and drill down, or adopt and then train on high-priced third-party solutions — either approach is costly, whether in time or budget.

Now there’s a better way. Spanning Backup for Salesforce offers custom alerts for anomalies that point to potential data loss risk, as part of Spanning’s affordable data protection solution for Salesforce. You set alerts to spot unusual activity on specific object types, and the custom alert will automatically notify you of potential trouble. (Even better? There’s no additional cost or tiered pricing for this new feature.)

You’re in control with Custom Alerts, with granular alert options that fit what’s most important to you.

Spanning makes it easy to see when a Custom Alert was triggered – not only will you get Chatter notifications, you can see it right on the Spanning dashboard.

In just a few clicks, Salesforce admins will be able to automatically monitor the first signs that your org’s data may be at risk, and receive email and chatter alerts when something’s out of the norm. In the event of data loss or corruption, Spanning Backup makes accurate recovery fast, easy, and accurate, preserving relationships and providing granular control over restores.

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