Multi-Lingual Support Video YouTube Series

The Dell EMC Support YouTube Playlist publishes helpful troubleshooting, how to’s, problem solving and product demo videos to demonstrate how to resolve common technical challenges with Dell EMC high-end storage products. As we strive to provide our customers and partners with self-help video content to enable them with support solutions for our products, we also work to deliver high-value video content to our global customers worldwide through video content translation. Currently, the Dell EMC Support YouTube Playlist features over 50 closed captioned videos enabled to display translated audio in 16 languages. Simply click the Settings gear icon on the bottom right of a video designated as CC (closed caption) and select your desired language preference.

Our translated video series focuses on Customer Replaceable Units or CRU videos. These CRU videos are available in English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (LATAM),  Portuguese (Europe), Portuguese (Brazil),  Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Italian, German, French, Japanese, Korean,  Arabic, Swedish, and Dutch. Product support videos for CRU now include the following products: Atmos, Celerra, Connectrix, Dell EMC Unity, Isilon, VNX, VNXe, and more.

Follow the Dell EMC Support YouTube Playlist to watch informative support videos on a wide variety of Dell EMC high-end storage products, now available in the language of your choice.