Modern Server Infrastructure can make a Massive Difference for Customers

See how a modernized server environment affects IT Transformation—delivering tangible benefits for businesses of all sizes


In the third of a series of blogs inspired by influential research published by industry analyst ESG, we look at how making the move to implement a modern server infrastructure dramatically accelerates IT Transformation. 

In today’s digital economy, faster IT typically results in competitive business advantage. A modern IT infrastructure is critical for customers who want to stay ahead of the game, because it comes with higher levels of process automation—which, in turn, drives increased speed, agility, scalability, reliability and cost-savings.

Implementing a modernized infrastructure is one of the fundamental steps in any customer’s journey towards transforming their IT. And you have the ability to make it an easy and effective move for your customers—because the entire Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio is designed to deliver IT Transformation without compromise.

Encourage customers to modernize their IT

What makes for a modern server environment? Essentially, it’s an infrastructure that focuses on operational cost-efficiency and puts automation at the forefront.

Powered by the latest generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, all PowerEdge servers are built from the ground up around three key tenets: scalable business architecture, intelligent automation and integrated security—making them the bedrock of the modern data center.

Implementing a smart server refresh to the latest Dell EMC PowerEdge technology is a decision that’s likely to pay for itself several times over in terms of operational improvements and cost efficiencies.

It’s also important for your customers and prospects to understand that a modernized server environment has a dramatic influence on an organization’s IT maturity.

How a modernized server environment affects IT maturity

Earlier this year, ESG conducted a survey of 4,000 IT executives from private- and public-sector organizations across 16 countries to evaluate their progress in embracing IT Transformation1—and rank them as ‘Legacy’, ‘Emerging’, ‘Evolving’ or ‘Transformed’.

In general, 85% of the organizations that achieved ‘Transformed’ status met the criteria for a modern server environment. In fact, ‘Transformed’ organizations were 42.5X more likely to operate a modern server environment than ‘Legacy’ organizations. That’s a quite staggering statistic.

The research showed that a modern server environment measurably affects an organization’s IT maturity – improving a spectrum of IT- and business-related performance indicators.

In its Research Insights Brief on the importance of a modern server infrastructure2, ESG states that a true modern server environment addresses several areas. Servers must have the performance to run distributed and rapidly scaling workloads. At the same time, the environment must be efficient enough to minimize the organization’s capital and operational costs. And servers should have security baked in—that is, embedded into the hardware and firmware of the device itself—preventing unauthorized changes or updates and adding a foundational layer to an organization’s defense-in-depth security posture.

Does that sound familiar? It should, because Dell EMC PowerEdge ticks all these boxes and more…

Modernized IT delivers tangible business benefits

The benefits of a modernized server infrastructure are indisputable. The ESG research found that organizations operating modern server environments (with more automated tasks than manual):

  • Enjoy faster application deployments and are more responsive to the rest of the business.
  • Are able to move staff away from routine management to focus on more strategic IT projects.
  • Operate compute environments they believe are as good as or better than public cloud services in terms of cost, agility, scalability and security.

The full research findings make for compelling reading. In its study, ESG found that companies with modern, highly automated server infrastructures:

  • Completed 14% more IT projects ahead of schedule.
  • Were 2.5X more likely to run an on-site compute environment that is cost-competitive with the public cloud.
  • Were more than 2.5X as likely to be more secure than public cloud services.
  • Managed 82% more VMs per admin.
  • Saw a 39% reduction in time spent on routine management.
  • Were more than 3.5x as likely to operate an on-site compute environment matching or exceeding the agility of public clouds.
  • Were 2.5X more likely to execute most application deployments ahead of schedule.

An easy way to accelerate IT Transformation

A modern, automated server environment is a key component of IT Transformation—and it’s a relatively easy way for your customers to make significant progress on that journey.

How many of your customers and prospects haven’t yet made the move to modernize their IT Infrastructure? It’s an opportunity just waiting to be fulfilled…

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1 ESG Research Insights Paper, ‘Research Proves IT Transformation’s Persistent Link to Agility, Innovation, and Business Value’, March 2018.

2 ESG Research Insights Brief, ‘Transform Your IT with Modern Server Infrastructure’, May 2018.